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Welcome to KitaQ Gamers

Hi, and welcome to our tabletop wargaming club website. If you're looking for a great new hobby while you're in Japan, or you've played it a while back and fancy picking it up again, please drop us a line and come on by. We have events every month for beginners, and everybody is very welcome!


• Next Event: April 28th (Sun)

10 Newest Pages:

Club Members メンバー紹介  UPDATED 

 2019-02-18 (Mon) 11:27AM  3 comments

3D printed Samurai terrain : 戦国時代の情景モデル

 2019-02-07 (Thu) 10:32AM  2 comments

福岡県のモデリング商品や店 : Local Modelling Supplies

 2019-01-27 (Sun) 16:08PM  3 comments

David デイビッド : Genestealer Cult

 2018-11-14 (Wed) 16:31PM  2 comments

3D printed Necron terrain : ネクロン情景モデル

 2018-11-14 (Wed) 11:31AM 

3D printed Star Wars board スターウォーズ情景モデル

 2018-05-28 (Mon) 16:51PM 

David デイビッド : Test of Honour Armies

 2018-03-12 (Mon) 18:56PM  1 comment

Fight at the Shrine Game Report 神社の戦い

 2018-02-26 (Mon) 21:50PM  4 comments

Test of Honour Resources : テストオブオナー

 2018-01-24 (Wed) 11:32AM 

New SAMURAI wargame on its way! 新ゲーム登場!

 2018-01-17 (Wed) 17:48PM  2 comments

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Club Newsletter:
Where do we meet?
Design by A TOUCH OF TENSAI Design Studio


Club Newsletter:
Where do we meet?
Design by A TOUCH OF TENSAI Design Studio

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