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Welcome to KitaQ Gamers

Hi, and welcome to our tabletop wargaming club website. If you're looking for a great new hobby while you're in Japan, or you've played it a while back and fancy picking it up again, please drop us a line and come on by. We have events every month for beginners, and everybody is very welcome!


• Next Event: February 25th (Sun)

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New SAMURAI wargame on its way! 新ゲーム登場!

 2018-01-17 (Wed) 17:48PM  2 comments

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New SAMURAI wargame on its way! 新ゲーム登場!

by David on 2018-01-17 (Wed) 17:48PM

I'm excited to announce a new wargame we'll be trying out at the club soon... Test of Honour by Warlord Games! Set during feudal times in Japan, it's a light skirmish game.


次回から新しいゲームも発表します!日本サムライの「Test of Honour」です!

The basic starter set is pretty darn good value, containing two forces, all the cards and counters, and of course the rules. Rules are also available free online!





Since the starter set was so cheap, I couldn't stop myself from splashing out on two extra sets - NINJAS .....



... and some mounted SAMURAI !!



Who wants to paint up the second force?




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    Club Newsletter:
    Where do we meet?
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