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Welcome to KitaQ Gamers

Hi, and welcome to our tabletop wargaming club website. If you're looking for a great new hobby while you're in Japan, or you've played it a while back and fancy picking it up again, please drop us a line and come on by. We have events every month for beginners, and everybody is very welcome!


• Next Event: February 9th (Sun)

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3D printed Tau terrain : タウの情景モデル

 2020-01-18 (Sat) 14:12PM 

3D printed Samurai terrain : 戦国時代の情景モデル

 2019-12-27 (Fri) 11:32AM  3 comments

David デイビッド : Eldar Army

 2019-11-16 (Sat) 17:52PM  5 comments

3D printed Eldar terrain : エルダー情景モデル

 2019-11-16 (Sat) 15:41PM 

3D printed Necron terrain : ネクロン情景モデル

 2019-07-26 (Fri) 10:21AM  2 comments

Vigilus Contested - Campaign Update

 2019-07-15 (Mon) 20:25PM 

How to make your own washes and save yen!

 2019-07-08 (Mon) 13:13PM 

Vigilus Campaign Narrative

 2019-05-13 (Mon) 17:13PM  1 comment

Charlie チャーリー : Death Korps of Krieg

 2019-05-07 (Tue) 11:42AM  2 comments

Vigilus Contested

 2019-04-28 (Sun) 21:49PM  2 comments

Vigilus Contested - Campaign Update

by Chris on 2019-07-15 (Mon) 20:25PM

Vigilus is changing.


The war raging across the planet has seen heroes made and bodies fall.


The Greater Good will find no place here. Shas’o Sa’cea Mal’caor, leader of the T'au forces, has called the retreat - there are easier paths to achieve his goal, ones without Orks.


The Waaagh! on Vigilus is gaining momentum despite Eldar incursions into Ork owned territory. A new Warboss has emerged as the biggest of the Vigilus Orks. His name is Dazgob, and his Death Skulls are here to loot the hell out of the carnage that is Vigilus.


The mysterious disappearance of the foul-stenched Death Guard is also causing concern among the myriad leaders of the forces on Vigilus - where have they gone? And will they be back?


New Territory Allocations: 

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    Vigilus Campaign Narrative

    by Liam on 2019-05-13 (Mon) 17:13PM

     Welcome to the narrative index for our Vigilus Campaign!


     Based on Games Workshop's narrative as found in the Books Vigilus Defiant and Vigilus Ablaze, I have done my own spin on the events to better represent the factions the players at our club are using.


     Expect some wildly different paths to the narrative established by Games Workshop and some memorable characters that have already captured the hearts of our players.


     Witness the story grow as our campaign develops!


     I hope you enjoy the adventure!







    Death Guard


    Death Korps of Krieg




    Word Bearers




    Black Templars




    Chapter 1


    Word Bearers

    Death Korps


    The stories linked herein are the property of Liam Exelby, author and editor. Copyright of the Warhammer 40000 intellectual property belongs wholely to Games Workshop.


    Website: www.liamexelby.com


    Twitter: @LiamExelby


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    Vigilus Contested

    by Chris on 2019-04-28 (Sun) 21:49PM

    Links to Files




    Battle Log




    Current Map Status


    Round 1 Game Day 1

    Round 1 Game Day 2

    Round 2 Game Day 1

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    Where do we meet?
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