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KitaQ Gamers

Related Clubs

Sagari no Kai

Monthly gaming days for mainly non-GW games, such as Warmachine, Infinity etc. Hakata, Fukuoka.



Gaming afternoons every Sunday in the 2nd floor hobby room. Bring your army to play or paint. Beppu city, Oita.


Oita Shutsuikai

Blog site for the Oita Shutsuikai gaming and TRPG club (written by Baba-san). Japanese



Kanechan's warhammer blog site from Okinawa. Japanese




Local shops


GW stockist in Beppu city, Oita.



GW stockist (mostly paints) in Kitakyushu city.




Online shops


Miyao-san's Beppu store. Shipping is 600 to Fukuoka prefecture, but you can set it to 'Store Pickup' on days when he's due to join us for a club meet for free shipping. Paypal, cards, bank transfer, COD accepted. Shipping usually 2 days for stuff in stock.


Amazon Japan Books

I discovered this excellent source for Black Library books the other day. They have the complete range (I think) of English-language books by GW's publishing company at exceptionally low prices. Typically 700~800 yen for the latest Horus Heresy books is awesome. And free shipping. Wow!




Music & Entertainment

Radio Rivendell

Online radio station streaming music perfect for wargaming, roleplaying and fantasy hobbies. It's free, available 24 hours a day, and has no commercials. Awesome.


Gitzman's Gallery

Every map of the old world compiled into a custom Google map! Scroll down the page to see a list of downloadable maps for each city and region of the Warhammer world. Starting a new army? Why not print out your territory for inspiration while you paint?






Looking for unique dice? This company has a range of custom 3D printed dice in a variety of styles.




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Where do we meet?
Design by A TOUCH OF TENSAI Design Studio


Where do we meet?
Design by A TOUCH OF TENSAI Design Studio

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