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Necromunda - An Interview with Old Man Crazy

by Steve on 2011-09-06 (Tue) 23:13PM

Old Man Crazy "Community Leader"



Reports came in yesterday of a gang fight out to the south west of town. One boy shot by enforcers died. I spoke to community leader Old Man Crazy about what happened and who his enemies and friends were.



ME: What happened?


OLD MAN CRAZY: We were out looking for mutant scum . . . the ones who had been stealing from our spore caves . . . to burn . . . erm . .bring to justice . . .  when we got attacked by some of those corrupt enforcers. They should’ve been on our side. The enemy of our enemy wasn’t our friend, they were our enemy, which makes the enemy of our enemy our friend, and we aren’t friends to mutants, anyone who says we are is an enemy of us and a friend to mutants. We hate mutants.


ME: Right . . . . . so you ran?


OLD MAN CRAZY: We don’t run from mutants. Haven’t you been listening?! The enemy of our enemy can only be our friend if we aren’t around. If we are around then we can’t be friends. So we left. That made our enemy’s friend back into our enemy’s enemy. Got it?


ME: What about the juve that died?


OLD MAN CRAZY: Abbey? No one liked him. Didn’t know his enemies from his friends. Sold his body to the Doc. More useful dead than alive.


ME: What next for Righteous Bromance?


OLD MAN CRAZY: Got a new boy coming in. Then we are going to get both the mutants and those mutant loving enforcers. We are going to show them who there real enemies are.


ME: So more trouble to come?


OLD MAN CRAZY: Only for our enemies and their friends and enemies.


(Interview Ends)


So from that we can be pretty sure that it will be a bad idea to become an enemy or indeed a friend of Old Man Crazy and his gang Righteous Bromance for the foreseeable future.


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