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Ork Barhouse Brawl

by Chris & David on 2008-08-28 (Thu) 11:36AM

Chris found a fun-looking pub fight board game on GW's archive section (originally published in WD, I think), which we played quickly over lunch. We thought it was such a laugh to play that it was worth trying again next time, and then we found ourselves with an hour or two free in the afternoon...

... so what else would you expect us to do but turn the flat gaming board into a 3D version?!


Here's the original board, which I'd glued to card:



And here's the big mess we made on the kitchen table, turning balsa wood and card into a 3D bar room:



Watch this space for the final shots of the finished board, which looks great all painted up. Super fun doing some hi-speed terrain making, especially ork stuff (it can look badly-made, and still fit perfectly!).


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Where do we meet?
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