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Halloween-themed game ideas ハロウィーンのゲーム

by David on 2011-10-25 (Tue) 08:27AM

Our next club event will be on Halloween, so it's a no-brainer to try a spooky-themed game or two.

Does anybody have any good ideas for Halloween-themed games? Write your ideas in the comments.

  • Makoto's ruined house zombie survival game (warhammer skirmish)
  • How about a zombified-town warhammer game - perhaps haunted Mousillon in Bretonnia, or Praag? Could make that very spooky witht he right terrain. We're going to need everyone's zombies and skeletons, though...
  • I found a good skirmish scenario called "Bones to Pick", featuring a post-battle field full of casualties and infested by scavenging ghouls. Need a couple of dozen ghouls.
  • Necromancer duel skirmish game, if anybody wants to kill 30 minutes.


BIG Life vs. Undeath GAME:

Okay, so it looks like we have Nathan and Ross who will be controlling the mysteriously quiet Empire town, and Chris, Makoto and Will who will be leading their combined armies to investigate. Probably around the 4000 points mark, I think. How does that sound?

For the 'good' guys, please keep your army choices a secret from Nathan and Ross. For you guys, all I can tell you now is that you have lost contact with this Empire town, and have dispatched forces to find out why. Since this is the Warhammer world, they are coming prepared to fight. I will email you guys a little later. Until then, I want to keep you guessing as to how it will play out - much as your generals will be doing.

For the 'bad' guys, you obviously know what armies you are taking yourselves. Just as the good guys will have to do, there is a little guesswork involved, because you won't know what force will be coming to free the town from your evil clutches. But apart from that, you will hold most of the advantages.


Here's the background PDF for you...


Nathan   2011-10-14 (Fri) 12:04PM
I'll be there on the 30th, and I hope to have about 1500-2000 (ish) points of vampire counts with me. Perhaps if Ross and I pooled our respective undead armies we could do a big undead versus living game?

Chris   2011-10-15 (Sat) 11:03AM
Sounds like a plan Big Nate Dogg.

Ross   2011-10-19 (Wed) 9:12AM
yerp. Most of my skellies are already at Davids, but i can bring more.
Now... to try and get the sunday off without making Yumie mad..

Ross   2011-10-19 (Wed) 9:15AM
I think ican also muster up to 3000 points (at a stretch) though id say more comfortably at 2500

David   2011-10-19 (Wed) 9:36AM
Ross, can the casket of souls actually move? If not, it's going to be hard to fit it into the scenario I've got planned.

Any other undead players wanting to take part and/or donate their undead models?

Ross   2011-10-19 (Wed) 10:49AM
It can, I believe, though id need to check

Super Chris   2011-10-19 (Wed) 19:48PM
Ross get your ho in check. YOU tell HER the deal not the other way around :).

I am on the non undead side so don't have any undead to offer.

Stephen   2011-11-01 (Tue) 23:05PM
Super Chris?

Normal Chris   2011-11-05 (Sat) 9:48AM
Did you post the super chris post steve just to make me look bad?

Amazing Stephen   2011-11-06 (Sun) 12:16PM
Wait, Im confused are Chris, Super Chris and Normal Chris all the same person?

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