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Bogenhafen Halloween Game Report ハロウィーンのゲームリポート

by David on 2011-11-01 (Tue) 9:20AM

Our Halloween game was a monster of a game - 8000 points of troops on the table! This special deployment scenario was based around a battle from the 1998 Dark Omen computer game, where the empire/mercenary army has to free the town of Bogenhafen from the control of an Undead army.

Background story PDF >>


In our own version of the game, the Empire army with allied forces of Ogres and Bretonnian knights (Chris, Makoto, David) had set up base in the centre of the town square (see the photo below), with no idea what forces would appear to assail them.

From TURN 1, the Undead forces of Count Nathan (Vampire Counts) and King Rosshotep (Tomb Kings) appeared on the table from all sides, shuffling slowly towards the centre of the square.

Eager Bretonnian knights charged forwards to engage the undead outriders, and soon found themselves bogged down against zombies and a Necrosphinx. The Ogres moved forwards on the other side of the square to face off against the Tomb King and his chariots, while the central Empire units held position.

The cannon set up in the central tower opened fire and claimed an early kill by toppling ruins onto the casket of souls. The rest of the Empire fusillade was largely ineffective, so the steam tank rolled slowly forwards to engage the foe on the north side of the square.

A foolish charge by the Pegasus Knights and Pistoliers against the Necropolis Knights in the west resulted in both units fleeing back towards the Allied lines. Those speedy Necropolis Knights caught both units and cut them down, leaving the western table square unopposed.

To the south side, the Warsphinx joined the Necrosphinx against the Bretonnian knights and quickly stomped them into paste. The Necrosphinx now began its assault on the central Empire forces in the middle of the square, while the wounded Warsphinx charged on against the remaining Bretonnian Knights unit.


The newly recruited Ogre Mournfang cavalry had meanwhile been chewing its way through a huge unit of ghouls to the north, but had in turn become trapped by an ethereal flying Black Coach. The Steam Tank had eventually made it into charge range of the Vampire's main unit of Grave Guard, but was eventually destroyed by their huge weight of numbers.

Over to the east, the Tomb King's chariot unit had taken heavy casualties against the ogres, leaving one brave sabretooth to face the wrath of the Tomb King alone. Amazingly, this kitty then rolled double ones for a break test, effectively trapping the Tomb King to face the wrath of the ogre Ironguts!

We called the game to a halt at the end of TURN 5, as the Tomb Kings had been cleared from one side of the table. The Vampire Count himself and two of his main units were still largely unharmed, but the battle for Bogenhafen was lost! As he vanished back into the shadows of the dark streets, the Allied forces were left to burn the bodies of the fallen and the twice-dead.

Bogenhafen had been saved, but at what cost? Most of the townspeople lay scattered and torn about the square, cut down by the very men who had been sent to rescue them.

Still, at least the pub had survived intact...


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