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Photo backgrounds 写真用のバック

by David on 2011-11-28 (Mon) 10:43AM


Here are 5 printable photo backgrounds you might find useful, if you're planning on taking your own shots of your models. I think I originally found them on CoolMiniorNot (courtesy of corvusminiatures.blogspot.com), and I've simply converted them to PDF files.




As a quick guideline, I've found a fullpage A4 background to be large enough to fit a regular 5-wide unit, but for larger units or units with spears etc sticking out the sides, A3 works best.




Choosing a colour to contrast with your models (e.g. a green background for black and red models) looks cool.





Just for reference, here is a pic of the homemade lightbox I used for several years. I set it up in the office (which has plenty of natural light), with windows to the left and right. If it's a sunny day, make sure you don't get direct sunlight on the models, or the shadows will be too strong.




... and this is what proper shop-bought ones generally look like (or at least the cheaper ones). They are easily available from online retailers, so try Rakuten.co.jp.




Finally, here is an article I wrote a few years ago about taking product photos - pretty basic stuff, but some handy tips for photographing models too.




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🔰 初めての方はこちら

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