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David デイビッド : Ultramarines Army

by David on 2012-02-16 (Thu) 15:27PM

Okay, so this is more of a scouting party than an army, I guess! Quick paint jobs to get the Assault on Black Reach starter set ready for a demo event.

Here's the captain fella. I took a bit more care over this one than the others - especially for the rich red cloak (mechrite red, devlan mud wash, blood red highlight) and the face. He's got a definite Mad-Max thing going with his badger hair!

Awesome model - and the one everybody goes to first when they see the demo game displayed! 3 step blue for the Ultramarine armour: mordian blue basecoat, asurmen blue wash, ultramarines blue edge highlights. Metal parts were a simple silver drybrush over black undercoat. Cheap and cheerful, but as long as you get details right (nice gems, for example),everyone overlooks the dull paint scheme. The base bits are from the 40K basing pack, by the way, and ties these space marines in to the eldar force I'm also painting up.

Exactly the same method for painting blue and silver as above, but the helmets got some extra care with toned white and red gem eyes. Very clean sculpting on the unarmoured faces are worth some extra care to make them lifelike. I usually end up shading skin with very faint lines of washes.

Apart from the captain, this sergeant is my favourite model. Good pose, good proportions. And real easy to paint.

So it's a force that is not very inspiring to regular painters, and certainly not original, but it is good for showing beginners just how quickly and simply models can be painted up. The whole force only took a few hours (10?).


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