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Kyushu Tournament 2012 : 九州大会 4月29日

by David on 2012-04-19 (Thu) 9:32PM

Welcome to KitaQGamers Kyushu Tournament 2012 - Sunday 29th April

3 games of Warhammer Fantasy battle over one day, with a single 1600 point army list.

  2012年度参加者パック / Player Pack >> (PDF: 253KB)


2012 Winner's Trophy

2012 Participant's Seal

2012 Last Place Award



All of the regular rulebook scenarios will be used in these games, with one special river scenario. Boards and terrain will be extravagantly tailored to match the setting and background, so it should be a great trip around the Warhammer World!

  1. Troll Country トロール郷
  2. Return to Bogenhafen ボーゲンホフェン町
  3. Peak Pass ピーク山道
  4. Border Princes ボーダー・プリンス未開地
  5. Khemrian Oasis クェムリのオアシス
  6. Grim Wood Crossing グリム森の渡河点
  7. The Moot ムートへようこそ



Game Results ゲームの結果:
Tournament winner will be decided by 75% results, 25% composition, plus bonus points for sportsmanship.

  • Win 勝利: 3 points
  • Draw 引き分け: 1 point
  • Lose 負け: 0 points

Composition アーミーリストのバランス:
Normal army composition (Lords < 400 pts, Heroes < 400 pts, Core > 400 pts, Special < 800 pts with 3 repeats, Rare < 400 pts with 2 repeats, no special characters please). The aim here is to make an army that you would enjoy playing against. I'll be asking for army lists beforehand and suggesting a 'composition level' for each - but I'll be conferring with other players on the day for final decisions.

  • Soft army ソフト : 3 points
  • Medium army ミディアム: 2 points
  • Hard army ハード: 1 point

Sportsmanship ボーナスポイント:
As a final bonus, each player will secretly vote on their favourite army of their 3 games. This is entirely up to you, and could be awarded for painting quality, character of the army, effectiveness on the tabletop, or how nice your opponent was. The votes will be compiled at the end.

  • 1 vote (投票): 1 point
  • 2 votes: 3 points
  • 3 votes: 5 points

Example 例:
If a player were to win two games and lose one, using a 'medium' level army, and was voted by one opponent as their favourite, we would get:

  • 3 + 3 + 0, + 2, + 1 = 合計 9 total




Our target is 12 players, but we can accommodate up to 16 if required. Entry on a first-come, first-served basis. Please contact us to enter your name. All players will receive a Tournament plaque, with trophies for first and last place.

Due to some last-minute dropouts and no-shows in previous years, we are asking that players put 1000 yen forward in advance. These participants fees will be pooled together for trophy costs and lunch/drinks on the day. Please arrange your 'tickets' either online from Ringtail (tickets here), or in cash from David whenever is convenient.
今年は予約の「参加者チケット」を利用します。リングテイル通信販売の予約ページまたはデイビッドから購入してください。チケットの1000円はすべて大会の為に使います - トロフィ、プレゼントと大会日の昼ごはんと飲み物。お願いします。

2011 Tournament Participants & Winner's Trophy

2011's themed scenarios and tables

11~12 Confirmed participants so far / 只今11~12人参加者の予定です:

Abeさん, Babaさん, David, Hさん, Makotoさん(50%), Miyaoさん, Nagaiさん(90%OK), Nathan, Steve, Vlad, Yasさん, Yasutakeさん....



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Where do we meet?
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