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40K Mountain Fortress 贖罪の砦コンバージョン

by David on 2012-07-07 (Sat) 15:37PM

To celebrate the release of Warhammer 40,000 6th Edition, and the start of our new club Warhammer 40,000 Starter Army Campaign, I decided it was time to put our building bitz to good use. We received a bag of bitz a while back from the massive Fortress of Redemption model, and my solution was to build the tower into a cliff face to provide the model with its back walls.


I had one face of the tower, plus half an octagonal end section and two straight sections. After some playing around, I found this layout worked well, and filled in the missing floor sections with Tamiya's great textured plasticard. Some huge blocks of packing foam made up the cliff face, and I managed to fit in a small cave for the tower top.


After some very messy trimming with a hot wire cutter, I had the basic shape of the cliff complete, so it was time to texture those walls...


Some cheap household cement from the local DIY store was slopped on very thickly with rubber gloves, to give the cliff-face and base some texture and strength. Euan (7) and I did this together, and had great fun!


After the cement had dried thoroughly, I applied a PVA/water mix (of roughly milk-like consistency) to all the rocky sections, to seal in the cement and the scattering of extra sand I spri kled over the base. The tower was now ready for painting.


Next came an all-over spray in the cheapest matt-black paint I could find. I knew from previous experience that the one I bought was safe for polystyrene, but it's always worth checking the can!


Using two shades of cheap acrylic grey paint from my local DIY store, I managed to get the whole model roughly drybrushed in about 90 minutes. After that it was just a case of finishing some of the model's details in golds and silvers etc, using the largest citadel brush I had. In all, I completed the painting in just a little over 4 hours.


So here is the finished tower, ready for the gaming table. For those planning to take part in the upcoming club 40K starter campaign, you'd better start getting your TROOP units ready!




Russ   2012-10-11 (Thu) 16:11PM
Awesome work, I wonder if it would have been better to be usable from all directions. What do you think?

Thanks for sharing!

David   2012-10-11 (Thu) 16:28PM
Yes, usable from all directions would have been great, but the lack of walls prevented me from modelling it that way.

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2012-07-31 (Tue) 20:32PM

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