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Warhammer Scenario RIVER AMBUSH : ウォーハンマーのシナリオ「待ち伏せ」

by David on 2012-10-15 (Mon) 18:44PM

This is a modified scenario from Warhammer 3rd Edition, which plays as a real test of your generalship. Do you have what it takes to fight your way clear?



SETUP ボード:

This scenario is played on a normal 6x4ft table, with a river running from long edge to long edge, approximately in the center of the table. You will also need a fjord or bridge to act as the crossing point. Due to the restrictive setup, armies under 2000pts are recommended.

180cm x 90cm のボードの大体真ん中に川を置きます(以下の写真のように)。川の真ん中に橋又は渡る所を置きます。配置スペースは結構狭いですので、2000ポイント以下のアーミーをおすすめします。



Roll off to decide who will be the ambusher. On a rough map, the ambusher must sketch out where all of his units will appear. These must be placed within 6" of a table edge.


The ambushed army must then deploy his army in the center of the table, in an area no wider than 12" by 36". Furthermore, to represent an army being ambushed while marching, at least one unit must be placed on both sides of the bridge/fjord, and all units must be facing the same short table edge (as if they were a marching column). It sucks to be ambushed, eh?!


Finally, the ambusher places his units according to his sketched map.


Hoshioka-san's Skaven are ambushed by Hanekoi-san's undead hordes as they cross the river


TURNS ターン:

The ambusher gets first turn. This means that the attacker is quite likely to get off a couple of first turn charges!



TACTICS プレイスタイル:

Let's face it - being ambushed is tough. Do you dig in and weather the storm? Do you sacrifice some small units while your main units reform for the charge? Do you split your forces and try to crush the ambushers between you? Do you charge out to one side? It's certainly a tough scenario, but quite an interesting challenge.


If you are the ambusher, do you deploy as close as possible and hope for early charges? Do you surround the enemy completely? Do you focus only on one part of your opponent's army? Everything starts off in your favour in this scenario, but can you keep the upper hand and utterly destroy your enemy?



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