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Trailer released for 40K film The Lord Inquisitor ファン作CG映画はあとちょっと...

by David on 2012-12-06 (Thu) 21:25PM

Exciting news today, as I came across this new trailer for an upcoming fan-made 40K film. Apparently this is done entirely in the free time of volunteers, but they have already signed up Aaron Dembski-Bowden (good Black Library author) as the new screenwriter, and also music by the producer who arranged the Ultramarines movie soundtrack. What's more, they've even been 100% approved by Games Workshop.

2013年にファン作のウォーハンマー40,000映画が出るらっしい。最初に15分の映画だったが、もしかして映画のようになったみたいです。Black Libraryの人気作者もボランティアでストーリを書いているし、結構リアルなCGも使っているし、すごく楽しみにしています。

Originally planned as a 15 minute short, it is now being planned as movie length, it seems!

Enjoy this awesome trailer - which seems even slicker and more realistic than the Ultramarines movie.




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Where do we meet?
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