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Review: MDF Terrain 木材ボード情景モデルのレビュー

by David on 2012-12-21 (Fri) 17:07PM

I spotted these interesting flat packs for terrain on the net the other day, made from cut MDF boards. Worth a try? Let's find out...




Website: http://www.miniature scenery.com/


Value 価格:

They have a variety of model packs, from simple things like wood bases, all the way up to this rather complex industrial pipeworks. While the variety on offer is pretty good, most of the options (houses and adobe buildings etc) are available in other materials for similar prices from other makers. Instead, I decided to try out the models below. Firstly, we have a neat pipeworks complex, which impressed me because the painted example (below) looks really convincing, and also because it can be rearranged (and presumably stored easily) in different configurations. The price was Australian $40 AUD, which comes out to about 3500 yen.



These next models seemed very original, as I haven't really seen good Eldar 40K terrain before, and again the prices were not bad. Top left is a tower building ($45 - 4000 yen), top right is some mysterious gizmo ($18 - 1600 yen for two, I'm using mine as force field generators), bottom left is a walkway ($25 - 2200 yen) and finally a large platform ($25 - 2200 yen), which I'm probably using as a webway portal or teleport. I decided to get one of each, which together with the pipeworks came to $155 plus $43 shipping to Japan - approximately 17,500 yen. That didn't seem too unreasonable for terrain that will probably cover over half a table.



  • 左上:4000円
  • 右上:二個で1600円
  • 左下:2200円
  • 右下:2200円



Construction 組立式:

After approximately 3 weeks this large pack of 5 terrain kits turned up at the door from Australia. Each of the kits is made up of two or three separate 3mm MDF A4-sized sheets, neatly plastic wrapped with simple diagram instructions.




Taking a look at one of the packs, the "Uridium Space Modulators", I found that they'd actually included 2 sheets of MDF, which seems to be enough for 4 pieces of terrain, rather than 2 as I was expecting. Cool! Anyway, the MDF boards seem to be pretty neatly cut on their sprues, and I passed along the cutting-out job to Euan...


組立式キットの内容はこんな感じでした。カット機会がきれいに切れましたので、品質がよかった。そして、開いたときに注文間違えが見つけました - このモデルを2個ではなく、4個もらいました!嬉い!


And here is our budding modeller, carefully cutting out all the pieces with a pair of GW cutters. A very easy job, although a little messy on your table! A couple of the fiddlier parts (triangle shaped ends etc) were left to me to carefully saw through with a mini-saw, as I suspected they might distort if squeezed by the cutters.




Although Euan had fun cutting all the sprues out, the "Dais" platform kit was the first one I wanted to try out myself, as it seemed the simplest. This photo is the test assembly of the kit once all the pieces had been cut out, and you can see each piece has at least 2 sprue joins that needed to be trimmed and sanded later. Still, it goes together smoothly, and the inset cut design looks really cool.




The next job was to trim off the sprue joins with a sharp knife, and then gently smooth down all the edges with fine-grade sandpaper. Quite a messy job, and my knife finger was pretty sore after all the cutting!




After the model was glued together (dead easy!) with wood bond, I gave some thought to finishing touches. I felt that the model was missing an essential element of Eldar architecture - those odd half oval domes that appear here and there on their vehicles and armour. After much searching in craft shops with no luck at all, I finally found what I was looking for in the supermarket. These dense beans had a lovely smooth finish, and if I could slice them in half they would fit the job perfectly!




And here we have the finished terrain kit, plus beans! Altogether, I think it's excellent value, and although sanding the pieces is a little time intensive, the finished model looks really great. I'm really looking forward to painting this unique terrain set in suitably wraithboney colours and battling my way across an Eldar maiden world for the very first time!





Painting progress report here >>
情景モデルのペイントはこちら >>

1 Comment :

Mike   2012-12-26 (Wed) 17:00PM
That is some really cool terrain. It will look real nice painted up.

コメントを書く :

Eldar Terrain エルダー情景モデル >>
2013-01-14 (Mon) 13:39PM

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