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High Elf Port Board : ハイエルフの港ボード PART 1

by David on 2013-05-21 (Tue) 10:10AM

I'm currently reading some fantasy books set on Ulthuan, and they've got my creative juices flowing again. I've been wanting to try creating a port-themed gaming board for a while, and I've decided to combine this with some unique High Elf terrain. After waiting 7 months for a couple of High Elf building models to arrive from Spain (I do NOT recommend buying from Escenorama!), I have decided to try making my own, so here is a basic sketch of how the board might look. At the moment, I only plan on making half a board (4ft x 3ft), so that it can still back onto our existing town boards etc., but I may extend this later if it looks cool.


Hopefully, this could double as a High Elf port city, or simply an Elven Quarter of an Empire city. The main features are:

  • Small areas of water docks along one side 左側に海と港
  • Central canal 真ん中に運河
  • Numerous bridges 橋
  • Elven lighthouse (top left) ハイエルフの灯台
  • Small high elf sloop (on the left) ハイエルフの船
  • Large empire merchant ship (bottom) エンパイヤの大型船
  • A few high elf buildings, observation decks etc. ハイエルフの倉庫など
  • Small jetty and rowing boat in the canal. 運河に小さいボート
  • Large step areas going down (on the right) 広い階段
  • Small central park area 小さい公園
  • Large high elf building complex (on the right) ハイエルフの建物か城?



So here are some images of high elf buildings I've gathered from around the internet.

High Elf Port Board : ハイエルフの港ボード PART 2 >>


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🔰 初めての方はこちら

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