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High Elf Port Board : ハイエルフの港ボード PART 3

by David on 2013-05-28 (Tue) 11:29AM

<< High Elf Port Board : ハイエルフの港ボード PART 2

I picked up some 5mm MDF board at Gooday on Saturday, plus two sheets of foam. The 5mm MDF will be sea-level, then the 20mm foam board will go on top of that for most of the board, and another 30mm of foam board on top of that to give the dock area the necessary height above sea-level.


This picture was my mockup layout of the board, with some items for approximate scale. The bottle on the left-hand corner will become the lighthouse, while the bottles at the top will become the mansion. The while slips of paper are the 3 bridges, spanning the canal.


On Sunday and Monday I slowly cut all the foam board to the required shapes using sharp modelling knives for the straight sections, and a hot wire cutter for the curved sections, and now the board is really starting to look a whole lot better.


Next will be the steps around the semi-circle area.

High Elf Port Board : ハイエルフの港ボード PART 4 >>


Chris   2013-05-31 (Fri) 21:57PM
Loving it so far. It would be fun to have a huge multiplayer game of Warhammer Skirmish over it.

David   2013-06-12 (Wed) 9:21AM
Me too! Multiplayers would be awesome - especially as 100pt warband games are timed at about 30-40 minutes! I'd better get planning more things to jump over and dive off!

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