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High Elf Port Board : ハイエルフの港ボード PART 5

by David on 2013-06-21 (Fri) 16:19PM

<< High Elf Port Board : ハイエルフの港ボード PART 4

I've been taking a week or so away from the board-building, to put together my pirate warband, and even get a game or two in (or 4!) on the still-unfinished board. Really good fun! Having said that, Euan's dark elves have kicked my ass repeatedly!!


In the photo below you can see how the board was looking at the start of this week -  with the main features in their proper places. The Bloody Slayer ship looks gorgeous in the top left corner, and makes an excellent strongpoint. Of course I haven't even started on the elven buildings yet (not even the lighthouse!), but you can see where we substituted in a papercraft one. The central park area has just enough space for 3 autumnal trees, in between the two foot-traffic bridges. Speaking of which...


I ordered two of the Thomarillion elven bridges from Germany, and even unpainted they look awesome. The central sections are made from heavy dental plaster (I think), and even though one bridge unfortunately cracked in transit, the wooden sides help to give it enough strength to be easily fixable. They will fit very well with the more ornate parts of the board I have planned - plus models can actually stand up on the steps. Hurrah!


For the last few days, I have been creating the block and paving patterns for the dock board. The first task was to find an easy way to stamp a simple block pattern in the sides of the docks. I stole a couple of Euan's lego blocks and filed the sides a little sharper, then simply pushed the block lightly into the foam, giving a nice solid appearance to the sides. Next I had to cover the ground surfaces of the board with some kind of pattern. I didn't particularly want to use regular brick patterns, as I thought perhaps those softy Elves would just die of the shame! After a little googling, I settled on this interesting shell pattern, so I had to set about making a stamp outline for it, from foam and thick card. Seeing the effect once the whole board was stamped was quite cool - it really looks rather nautical, suggesting seashells, fish-scales or maybe waves - all of which should tie in nicely with the sea-guard uniforms of the elven harbour guard.


The photo below shows a little curved area I've marked out for the central grassy 'park'. A stepped foot bridge will go to either side of this, and I am also planning some benches and torch sconces, plus the low wall (the black foam strip in the pics) at the back.


This afternoon I added the top slabs to the thick circular wall. The main building complex will go right where that elf is standing, but wil be removable so that we can swap things around a little. The steps are also finished, and make a great bit of multi-level cover to sneak around. Next step will be to spray the board (in a pale sea-stone, I think), so I have some colour testing to do first!!!



Finally, I wanted to put in a photo of some little bits I found in a craftshop yesterday. I thought perhaps I could combine the golden flower bits with the 40K wall spikes to make some ornamental lights, to dot around the board. What do you think? The heavy studs (and I got some funny looks buying those) will become the dockside bollards for tying up ships.



High Elf Port Board : ハイエルフの港ボード PART 6 >>


Mike   2013-06-28 (Fri) 11:13AM
Depending how you paint it, this could also be an awesome entrance was to a 40k cathedral~

David   2013-06-28 (Fri) 11:22AM
Hah - too late! The paint is already dry on this board (without its buildings), and it's definitely not grimdark enough for 40K. The actual colour is pretty close to the creamy seastone of the foam, which at least should hide dents a little.

High Elf buildings tend to look good (I think) in creams drybrushed lightly with white, and thankfully it's not too hard to paint.

Ross   2013-07-01 (Mon) 21:57PM
The board is absolutely beautiful mate. A real pleasure to play on! Im looking forward to you getting around to the bridge, as my beasties dont like getting their fur wet.

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