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High Elf Port Board : ハイエルフの港ボード PART 6

by David on 2013-07-09 (Tue) 18:12PM

<< High Elf Port Board : ハイエルフの港ボード PART 5

We have LOADS of photos for this week's progress report! Following on from the previous work, the basic shape of the board was soon finished, so it was on to the spray painting. This was done in two tones of matt spray paint - cream and ivory. This neatly covered the various materials, so the board looked nicely uniform.


The close up shot below shows the step and circular wall area, which came out pretty well. How did I get that texture, you may ask...


My secret weapon in this was a wonderful texture spray paint I found at my local Nafco DIY store. This spray (nominally sand coloured) fires out tiny particles of plastic along with the paint, which gives a really uniform textured finish. I used this on any area of the board that was made of card or smooth foam, prior to spraying with the cream/ivory combo.


A light drybrush with offwhite acrylic (with a 2" wide brush), and the painting of the board's stone areas was complete. Next was the painting of the water areas, for which I used a dark blue cheap tube I found in a box. Some rough and ready wave patterns were painted on, followed by a good coat of gloss finish craft paint. The colour balance looks good so far...


See? - most of the water will be obscured by the big ships anyway. So now we have a finished basic board and a finished boat, and the next stage will be the lighthouse. However, a club gaming day is due this weekend, and the board gets its first unveiling....


Here's a quick shot of a skirmish game taking place on the high elf port board. With a few basic buildings and decorations, it looks great and was excellent fun to play across.



Right, on with the lighthouse. This is a cheap wine carafe from Ikea, planted inside a wide section of plastic piping. The shot below gives you some idea of the scale of the planned lighthouse.



Stage 2 of the build saw the second level of foam fitted inside the pipe, which brings it up to the same level as the rest of the dock area. The cut-away area of the pipe will be the gateway through with the small foot bridge will run.


After some fiddling around with foam and balsa wood, I had three tall windows and a door added, so it was down to the garage for spraying! Again I used the same texture spray paint and then the cream-ivory sprays as for the main board.


I found this tall teardrop-shaped acrylic gem in a local craft store, so I have hidden a small light underneath the plinth to make it glow at night. The whole part will be enclosed in a small acrylic make-up jar, which screws into the base.



... and here is the finished Elven Lighthouse:


Here's close-up of the door area, which has a few add-ons from the bits box. The 40K ornaments make pretty good lights, once they have had their rivets cut off.


Here's the finished lighthouse top, with a cone-shaped roof that was very time-consuming to build. I don't want to do that again! :)


Finally, a couple of shots of the the board as it now looks. Three out of the four bridges are now done, which allows us to play various sizes of games across the board.




One more quick shot of some bench accessories I made up, using more items I found cheaply at my local craftshop. These got the same textured spray paint as the rest of the board. Quick and easy!



And completely unrelated, here's a photo of a great (and crowded) four player game we tried out at last time's event. Each player has 100pts of troops, starting in a different corner of the pub. Goodness knows why they are all fighting in a pub, but it was great fun! Needless to say, my Bloody Slayers (bottom right) were far too drunk to put up much of a fight, and mostly got taken down by giant rats!!



High Elf Port Board : ハイエルフの港ボード PART 7 >>


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