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Castle Siege Reference Notes

by David on 2009-01-03 (Sat) 11:51AM

We've now got 2 large castles to play over, and 3 watchtowers too! So it's probably time to write up some notes on selecting a siege army for club games.

 Basic special rules:

Movement outside a castle - troops outside can ignore enemy on the walls and towers for purposes of blocking march moves, and vice-versa. 

Movement within a castle - defending units adopt a skirmish formation (in single file), and must stay within 2" of each other. When attacked, available figures must join the combat in subsequent turns wherever possible. No -1 to Hit modifiers are applied when shooting at defernders - it's merely to facilitate movement.

Charge reactions - Normal charge reactions are allowed, plus an extra "Man the Walls" reaction. For "Stand and Shoot", defenders may use rocks and/or oil instead. For "Man the Walls", unengaged defenders may move up to 2" towards enemy - they may still use use rocks or oil. 

Combat on walls - When attacked, the defenders make a SINGLE line. The attackers are placed in a single line against them, even though in reality they would be fighting from the top of a ladder. Defenders attack first. Attackers require 6s to hit, until they outnumber the defenders. Combat resolution from ranks, standards etc are ignored - the winner is decided on wounds inflicted. Attackers and defenders in wall attacks are STUBBORN (no minus Ld modifiers).

Walls, Towers, Gates - These have separate damage tables. You add the Strength of the attack + the number of wounds/hits caused. E.g. A Stone thrower hits dead on with S8+D6 wounds = maximum 14 damage. For walls and towers, you need 13 or above to shake a wall (which adds +1 to next time), for gates you need 11 or above to crack it (which adds +1). Damage is cumulative, so it usually takes 3 turns or so to break a wall with cannons or a gate with a ram. Stone throwers can't hit gates. Attacking walls and gates in combat only give ONE ATTACK for each model (i.e. S+1attack = damage).

Magic - most spells will not harm castle walls, towers or gates, unless they are elemental spells (e.g. master of stone etc). Instead you can only hurt the defending troops instead. Movement spells work inside the castle, but not across its walls.

Special troops - Giants are handy for attacking walls/troops, but can't get inside a castle unless a wall falls down completely.Spiders and Yhetees can climb walls and so can get charge bonuses and attack first, but they still need 6s to hit. Pikes don't attack first. Ethereal units (wraiths, ghosts etc) can't move through castle walls. Flyers cost double points (there are alternative rules for hoardings, but we haven't got any). Try not to find killer-combinations of special trops or attacks - it's more fun (and better balanced) to rely on infantry attacks.



Try to allow 50 points or so for equipment - that will cover a medium-sized army for everything except a siege tower.

Boiling Oil -  defenders may drop oil directly beneath the cauldron using a S5 template attack on enemy it touches. There are special cauldrons (blood, soup etc) for Dark Elves, Halflings, Dwarfs & High Elves. 25 points.

Rocks - defenders may give units rocks to drop at S4, use BS for range (?). 1pt per model.

Reinforced gate - gives extra 1 on damage tables. 20 points.

Log Ram - each attacking unit may have one log ram, which hits with D6 wounds. If eight models carry the ram, it has S8. Needs four models to carry it. 10 points.

Battering Ram - same as log ram, but requires 6 models to push. -1" Movement. Missile fire has 33% chance of hitting the ram instead, and unit gains a 4+ special save against boiling oil. 50 points.

Ladders - usually the only way to attack a wall for normal units. Minimum two models for each ladder, but 4 per ladder gives normal speed. A unit may have any number of ladders. One model may climb each ladder to attack per turn. 5 points.

Grappling Hooks - usually the only way to attack a wall for skirmishers. All models in unit must be given hooks, and one model may climb and attack per hook. 1 point per model.

Mantlet - missile troop units can gain hard cover bonuses (-2 to hit). May not march, charge or move-and-fire. May start the game 2D6" closer to castle. 1 point per model. NOTE - we haven't got models yet, so you'll have to make them 10 minutes before the game!

Siege towers - May not march or turn, and requires 10 models to push (9 models at -1"M). Starts game 2D6" closer. Unit may attack (2 at a time) defenders on walls with normal charge bonuses, striking first, and NOT requiring 6s to hit. Defenders can't use oil or rocks. 100 points.


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