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Trolls under the Bridge Skirmish Scenario

by Makoto & David on 2008-02-11 (Thu) 11:54AM


This was a quick warm-up game, and our first try with the Warhammer Skirmish rules. The scenario is taken from the GW website, and was over in 40 minutes!


  • 2 River Trolls  


  • Empire Captain on horseback
  • Level 1 Battle Wizard on horseback
  • 3 Halberdiers
  • 3 Archers


The actual setup is opposite that of the photo shown above, with the Empire starting within 6" of the right table edge. One troll starts 6" away on the bridge, and the second troll starts 6" away from the bridge in the river. The Empire player simply has to escape his Captain and Battle Wizard off the far left edge (where the wizard is performing a wedding!), while the trolls just have to eat 4 soldiers.


The trolls started by failing a stupidity test, and the Empire Captain returned the favour by failing his Fear test to charge. Second turn saw the Troll on the bridge charging through the thick fog, while arrows pattered harmlessly off his dripping hide. The Wizard cast a mighty spell on one brave foot soldier, who then used his super strength to rip chunks out of the troll. This continued into the third turn, when the superhuman bowman actually succeeded in killing the first troll. Determined to avenge his buddy (or at least not to miss out on a nice juicy snack!), the second troll ambled into view just beyond the bridge, and attacked the Captain. The captain fled straight off the table, which left his brave men to curse his name and deal with the last troll themselves. The wizard, happy to sacrifice anyone in his bid to escape, squeezed past the combat at the end of the bridge and urged his terrified horse onward into the fog. By now the second troll had remembered how hungry he was, and started devouring foot soldiers - first one, then another and another. The last thing the poor foot bowmen saw was the Wizard galloping away to safety, before the enormous bulk of the troll blocked their view....


Munch munch. The lone troll had eaten his way through enough of the soldiers to win the game. And there would always be leg-of-troll for dessert! At least his troll vomit attacks should be up to full strength for the next hapless travellers to pass by.




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