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Age of Sigmar arrives 新ウォーハンマーの登場!

by David on 2015-07-06 (Mon) 16:07PM


If you've been watching Warhammer news recently, you can't have missed that a new version of the game has come out : "Age of Sigmar". In a bold step, the rules for this new game are available free online in both English and Japanese - and they're only 4 pages long!! Army "warscrolls" are available online too for each army.


最近のウォーハンマーニュース見ましたか?そうです。新しいゲームとルールが出ました!ただし、今回は超簡単なルールになりました - たった4ページのPDFです!アーミー別のPDFもすべてネット上にありますが、英語のみです。Google翻訳を使ってみてください。


Several BIG differences from the previous versions are immediately apparent:

  • Bases are ignored - you measure from the model
  • No big blocks of infantry - models move as in 40K, and model count is small
  • No points - you can choose any models you want to use!
  • No flanks/rears - models can move and shoot in any direction!



  • モデルのベースは関係ない - モデルのボディから計ります。
  • 大きいユニットはない - 40Kのように1個ずつ移動します。
  • ポイントはない - ロスターを作るには好きなユニットを選べます。
  • 側面などはない - 40Kのように好きな向きに移動・射撃できる。


From first look, this seems to make the game much faster to play, but the inherent lack of a points-based balance system might make this very hard for competitive play, and more suited to a light-hearted boardgame. Easy for newcomers to join, but it might not be what people want.




So, the question for today - DO YOU GUYS WANT TO PLAY THIS INSTEAD OF PREVIOUS VERSIONS, STICK WITH 8TH EDITION, OR MAYBE LOOK FOR ALTERNATIVE RULE SETS? Comments from any club members in the comments box below would be really appreciated!


Liam   2015-07-06 (Mon) 20:35PM
I would like to give Age of Sigmar a go, but I'm not confident that it will have any lasting appeal.

However, perhaps some positive changes like the Grand Alliances could be implemented into Fantasy 8th edition but subject to the old points costs.

Danilo   2015-07-07 (Tue) 11:54AM
I also like the idea of combining forces (Grand Alliances)!
Though the simplified gameplay seems like it will take out much of the strategy present.

So I would possibly keep with the 8th edition and include some sort rule to combine armies and still keep things balanced. For example, you can mix any factions you want, but every additional faction after the first has an additional cost in points (it is like the overhead of bringing them together).

Having said that, I've only played warhammer once, so you can disregard my opinion, hehe.

David   2015-07-07 (Tue) 12:28PM
I can guarantee that nobody would mind you bringing allies into your army anyway, if you can make a story to fit. :)


Mike   2015-07-07 (Tue) 14:32PM
If these ARE the new rules for fantasy, and the rumor mill is wrong about Warhammer 9th being released later this year, I will no longer be playing/buying any new models. If anyone at the club wants to play older editions I am for that.

I would be willing to play 8th edition with anyone who wants to play it, also 40k. We can even come together and amend some rules that we don't like. Mine would be this: keep magic the same except double 1s are a miscast, double 6s are autocast, double 1s and 6s autocast AND miscast. That is the only thing that I didn't like about 8th edition.

Liam   2015-07-07 (Tue) 20:36PM
As a club, I expect that we have most of the army books and rules for 8th ed Fantasy. So long as we have those then there is no reason why we should stop playing it as we have been doing. New comers could take photocopies of the rules they need or have it scanned and sent to them.

As for Age of Sigmar, we will have to see what follows the recent unveiling but if the 4 PDF pages of rules are the base of the game then no matter what else is released it is likely to follow the same framework as set.

Let's try to see Age of Sigmar as our weird cousin: we can play with him if we want a laugh but we certainly don't have to.

はねこい   2015-07-11 (Sat) 10:18AM


スターターはラウンドベースで販売されるみたいですがまとめて移動とかさせるのは、スクエアベース でお皿つかって動かす方がゲーム的にはスムーズに進行するのかなと。

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