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Choosing a new game... どうしよう?

by David on 2015-12-04 (Fri) 12:03PM

The time has come to perhaps choose a new game for the club. Nobody seems interested in Warhammer's successor, Age of Sigmar, and Warhammer 8th Edition is no longer a living, supported system. Please give us your comments about which game you'd like to play - ideally it would be a game with English and Japanese versions of the rules. I'll put up brief details of the contenders, but if you have more let me know....




Warhammer 9th:

This is a fan-based successor to 8th edition. Based heavily on 8th edition rules, with some amendments. Army books are under development. Rules available online. Only available in English.




Kings of War:

Large scale battle system. Quicker than Warhammer 8th to play, with slimmer rules (partly this is due to models not being removed individually - once a units breaks it is removed from the table). All Warhammer 8th armies are supported under new names. Free rules PDFs online. Only currently available in English.





Skirmish level game, with warbands vying for loot in the frozen ruins of an ancient city. Well suited for campaigns, I hear, with your warband growing in skills over time. Available in English and Japanese.




Warhammer 40,000:

Obviously we could always abandon fantasy settings completely and go for something futuristic, but it would be a pity to lose the chance to play with our hard-won existing models. Maybe try and run in parallel?




Comments, please! We need your feedback!




Liam   2015-12-05 (Sat) 23:59PM
As long as the models are sold and we have access to the rules we can continue Warhammer 8th for as long as. Abandoning the game seems like going a bit too far in my opinion. I myself have much more I want to collect and use at the club. For me, Warhammer is still alive.

I am more inclined to support a game brought in to run parallel rather than to replace Warhammer Fantasy. I used to play 40k and I think several club members have dabbled in or are interested in giving that system a go. If the club became one which focused on Fantasy and 40k as primary systems both then I could get along with that.

Liam   2015-12-06 (Sun) 0:08AM
I would also be happy with amalgamating the updated, army-specific rules from 9th Age with Warhammer 8th. i.e. the rules for armies which did not get new books throughout the duration of 8th edition: Bretonnia, Beastmen etc.

David   2015-12-12 (Sat) 10:59AM
Wow - SO many different opinions. Thanks, everyone.

Well, I guess nobody is too bothered about switching to a living ruleset, so we'll keep going with Warhammer 8th for another year. I've had a brief look through the 9th edition rules PDF, and it's heavy going! So maybe I'll try and pickout the most important rules changes, and post those up on this site.


L   2017-02-16 (Thu) 1:14AM
I would go for a combination of all three. Games Workshop's decision to stop supporting 8th edition has inspired me to broaden my horizons. I still play 8th, 9th and Kings of War for massed combat and Dragons Rampant for smaller skirmish games. I think in some ways we're quite lucky as Warhammer players, our model collections can be used in nearly every game system (also remember you have every edition of Warhammer available to you, try some Oldhammer). You have a beautiful collection of miniatures and it would be a shame to stop using them.

David   2017-02-20 (Mon) 11:37AM
Thanks, L. I hadn't heard of Dragons Rampant before - I'll go check that out soon!

You're quite right about it being a shame to stop using my collection, so rest assured that I won't stop! As soon as the right game comes along and we can get our club numbers back up again, they'll be marching to war...

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2016-05-25 (Wed) 13:59PM

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