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Planning a hobby shop : ホビーショップ企画

by David on 2017-01-02 (Mon) 12:26PM

This is some initial planning work about the realities of making a hobby shop. Imagine that you own a small shop space for your hobby shop, but that maybe the time has come to expand to a bigger space. A bigger shop space would offer the opportunity to properly display your products and even include permanent gaming space for customers, which could be available whenever the shop is open.




One major problem is of course that a larger space comes with a larger cost to rent. So how would you justify more than doubling your current monthly rent?




My suggestion would be to create a dual-purpose store. You could have your sales space and display tables set up as you'd expect, and also have gaming tables and booth seating tables available for use. The dual-purpose idea comes into play during the off-peak weekday times, say from 10am to 5pm. During those times you could offer the table space as a shared-office, where people come in and pay to stay for the day, to use the free wifi and get work done on laptops etc. That goes some way to pay for utility and rent bills, in what would otherwise be a very low-sales time.


What do you think? Is that a viable plan, do you think?



シェアオフィスの例: coworking802.com




My next question is more in terms of space planning.....


What would you do with this vacant space? As there are currently no floor, walls or ceiling, it's pretty much a blank canvas. What would you include?


So my final questions for today are...


  1. How far from a city's major train station would you be willing to walk for a day of gaming?
  2. Would you be willing to pay, for example, 1000yen (10 dollars) for a day's gaming?


Please help me out with your answers in the comments below!











Well, we've had quite a few comments from our Facebook page and the forum on NagoyaHammer. Here are some of people's thoughts:



 30mins, 1000yen. (J.Vさん)


20/30 minutes and 1000 yen would be the limit for most people (S.Cさん... 20/30分と千円がMAX)


the closer it is to the station the better, but I guess up to 15 minutes ... up to 1000 yen a day seems fair ... but if you spend XX on models it's free (Pさん... 駅から近いところが大事... 15分と1000円まで... 店内でXX円を買えば、チャージなしでプレイできる)


15~20 minutes, up to 1500 yen... My suggestion is to sell simple snacks and soft drinks. (Jさん... この前行った店がおやつとドリンク販売で結構儲けるそう)


Within 5-7 minute walk from a station and from reasonably-priced parking... 1000 yen if the venue was nice... I would happily pay for weekday nights too, although since it'd be shorter 500 yen does seem more reasonable there" (O.Dさん... 駅と駐車場から5~7分。綺麗なら1000円でもOKで、夕方だけなら500円でもOK.)


15min and 500 yen or so... I'd recommend snacks too. A drink machine for sure... I see the card game shops have tables full of kids, so I think it would have to be do-able. (Kさん... 15分と500円ほど。おかしとドリンクもおすすめ。CCGの店がいっぱいので、こんな店も成功できると思う。)




densuke   2017-01-11 (Wed) 12:08PM

David   2017-01-13 (Fri) 11:33AM

densuke   2017-01-13 (Fri) 23:42PM

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