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OnePage40K : ワンページ40K

by David on 2017-02-19 (Sun) 12:07PM

8th edition of Warhammer 40,000 is due sometime this year, and we're trying a light version of the rules to ease us in gently. These are community-made rules and army lists, with the basic rules on a single page of A4!





写真のように小さいゲームから中型のゲーム(4〜5ユニットほど)までは試してみたんですので、翻訳しました。たった1ページのA4で基本ルールが書いております。ゲームは1時間以内に終われるので、楽しいよ!各アーミーロスターは英語のPDFに書いています − もし日本人のプレイヤーから興味あれば、翻訳もできますがそんなに難しくはないと思います。


We've tried these rules at various levels (from skirmish level up to regular-sized games), and the games play fast and smooth. The major difference, apart from cutting down rules bloat and pre-game preparation massively, is the alternate activation method of rounds : player A moves and fights with one unit, then player B does the same with his unit, then player A again, and so on.


Try it, I guarantee you'll enjoy it!




Thank you for your translation checking help, Euan!


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Where do we meet?
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