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Hobby shop planning #2 : ホビーショップ設計 #2

by David on 2017-03-10 (Fri) 20:30PM

<< Part #1 is here


I had some free time at work this week, so I fired up my interior design software and started building up a 3D model of that vacant shop space. I was curious to see what be achieved with such a blank canvas and minimal outlay. This is what I came up with...



So we have plenty of space, even after a large storeroom has been constructed (to the right of the space). It contains:


  • 30 metres of display shelves
  • 4 large gaming tables
  • 3 small display tables
  • showcase displays
  • hobby space (counter seating) for 9
  • rpg/boardgame space(booth seating) for 8~10
  • ... all in a medieval-themed interior!




  • 商品棚30メートル
  • フリープレイのテーブル4台
  • ディスプレイ用のテーブル3台
  • 9人分のホビースペース(カウンター席)
  • 8~10人分のRPG/ボードゲームスペース(ブース席)
  • 中世の雰囲気いっぱい!




▼ Here are some interior views. This is the view as you walk in the door. Shop register is to your left, with a suit of armour. Paints and general supplies to your right. Straight ahead are 3 small display tables.





▼ In the far right corner are two large gaming tables, and the cosy booth seating tables. These could be used for roleplaying, boardgames, small wargames or just relaxing with friends.





▼ View from the booth seating corner, back towards the door.


▼ In the other far corner is a (super)long counter for hobbyists to sit and paint, put models together, or just chill with a drink. This is the view back across the shop floor.



▼ Last image for today is the register corner of the shop. This would be a great place to sell drinks and snacks, I think, plus perhaps a good place to put the less eye-catching products such as rulebooks.




There's a short video on the club's facebook page too, if you want to see.



What do you think? I'd love to hear your comments!




L   2017-03-14 (Tue) 8:36AM
Christ, this looks amazing. If it's anywhere near the quality of the dungeon you built then it will be like Japan's own Warhammer World! My only advice would be to maybe change the painting stations. In my experience a lot of people painted at the local club to be in a social environment and get away from the tedium of 'assembly line' painting. So this would maybe be more suited to a table or the booths (plus, sharing paints is easier). If you designed some of the tables like your own wargaming table, with a cover, you could convert them into space for RPG's and card games at the drop of a hat.

Anyway, I sincerely hope this comes to fruition for you.

David   2017-03-14 (Tue) 13:07PM
Great point! I've never actually painted at a club myself, but that social aspect really makes sense, so a big THANK YOU for mentioning it. I think we're lucky that at these early stages we've got the space to play around - I guess we could easily change the window counters from simple --- shapes to T T T shapes with some extra removable tables, giving us quite a few 'face-to-face' painting spaces. I'll add that to the plans...

mark exelby   2017-03-18 (Sat) 14:16PM
Hi David! Looks totally awesome! A real feeling of "after Skool" Weekend"s and Holidays! A place to "run to" to Hang out ,game , paint and socialise! Tuition too! And of course Gaming nites and Tournaments!! Retail too! Inspiring! Although I"m a long way away it certainly makes me wish somemore that i was closer!! Good luck with it! looking fwd to PT 3!!!
Best Wishes
mark [liam"s dad!]

David   2017-03-21 (Tue) 17:44PM
Hi Mark! Thanks for the comments - let's hope that there is a part 3, eh?! Crossing my fingers and toes that the owner goes for it....

mark exelby   2017-03-24 (Fri) 4:21AM
I"ll keep an eye! Good luck!!

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