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David デイビッド : Genestealer Cult

by David on 2018-11-14 (Wed) 16:31PM

At long last I've started my Genestealer Cult army for 40K. The excellent value "Deathwatch Overkill" boxed set gave me plenty of Genestealer hybrid goons and a few characters, so now I've started working out my backstory (more on that later).




For now, I was hoping to get everybody's comments and criticism on my paint scheme:


Being a fan of Star Wars, I've decided to try the white and orange uniforms of the rebel pilots, with dark grey ribbed padding and autoguns. Have I gone overboard on the pale skin for this alien hybrid? Let me know what you think!



レベル反乱軍のパイロットの色にしました。ただし、肌の色は白すぎかもしれません - 皆さんどう思いますか?人間とエリアンのハイブリッドですので、いいかなぁと思っています。どう?



Update Nov 2018:

It's been a year or more since I started putting together this force, and I've been able to put quite a few games under my belt. Most come down to one thing - how well my main combat unit of purestrain genestealers can survive retaliation after they've ambushed on to the table and fragged a big unit. They do that remarkably well, especially backed up by big papa boss.

▲ This is the basic colour scheme for genestealers - classic purple and dark blue. Currently I have about 40 of these painted up, from various Space Hulks game editions.

▲ Leading my army is this mind-controlled Inquisitor from the Ordo Xenos, who could be used as a beefy looking Primus in game terms. The theme is that nobody asks questions of the inquisition, as they are the ultimate authority in the Imperium, so nobody would question his standing private army. Who just happen to be hiding a genestealer cult!

▲ So right up front we have this over-the-top inquisitor, bedecked in shining gold terminator armour (1980s model!). He is placed to distract and bedazzle, while the rest of the cult get on with the real work.

▲ I thought an inquisitor needed a suitably bad-ass ride, so 3D printed this vehicle as a Goliath proxy. I printed some extra inquisition symbols, and mounted them on the front grill and side doors. It's not until you see the car from the back that you spot its true allegiance.

▲ More sinister dudes in full face masks. These are also old metal models from the 1980s, but make great bodyguards for my inquisitor.


▲ See the genestealer cult mark on the back there? Nasty surprise for anybody coming too close....




L   2017-06-25 (Sun) 14:12PM
I think they look great, I know the skin tone and the armour are a similar shade but I think it looks good with the model having a very clear colour palette of orange, black and pastel shades.

How are you finding 8th?

David   2017-06-26 (Mon) 14:48PM
Thanks for the positive comments, I think the colour scheme will work out well.

It's been a slightly odd start to 8th, as we wait for our various index books to arrive, but everyone seems pumped. Saw my first games yesterday, and it seemed pretty smooth. Looking forward to a rosy few months...

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