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40K Four-way battle

by David on 2017-09-25 (Mon) 12:21PM

Not so much of a battle report, more of a "look what we did!" photo report!


Mike joined us for the first time yesterday, all the way up from Kagoshima! So I thought it might be fun to play a more unique, memorable narrative game.


The space hulk terrain board was set up in the Dungeon loft room, and lights were slotted onto various areas of the board. Then all the corridor and room sections were covered over - players would only be able to see as far as the next corner or closed door!



Mike - Sisters of Battle

Ross - Orks (first time!)

Liam - Tau

David - Genestealer Cult

Players started in the four corners of the board, and advanced forwards to capture as many of the 5 objectives as possible.


▼ Midgame - Orks (top right) have stormed forwards to seize 2 of the objectives, and the Tau (bottom right) easily captured 1.

▼ Narrow corridors prevented the numerically superior Orks (top) and Genestealers from bringing their full numbers to bear, but also prevented the Sisters of Battle (bottom) from breaking through to vital objectives.

▼ Genestealers (left) charging forward in a wave of teeth and claws against a solid wall of faith and bolters. The Sisters (right) were eventually able to wipe out the last of the tainted xenos!

▼ Genestealer cult neophytes (bottom) make a foolhardy rush to grab and objective from the Tau firewarriors (top), but despite early victory in frenzied combat are eventually cut down by massed pulserifle and fusion blaster fire.



All in all, a great atmospheric game! Nobody had to take victory or defeat too seriously, so we could get on with exploring dark corridors with our fading flashlights...



Final result: Orks (2), Tau (2), 1 contested. Win for the Xenos (Ross and Liam)!!


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🔰 初めての方はこちら


🔰 初めての方はこちら

◉ B/67 : Corridor



CAM: B/67