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3D Printing Terrain : 3Dプリンター情景モデル

by David on 2017-11-23 (Thu) 10:58AM

My new 3D printer will be arriving very soon, and then I'll be working my way through a massive list of new terrain for the club.


But in the meantime, I've kept myself busy with designing some 3D printable gaming terrain, and I've decided to open a new website to sell it on...


3D Alien Worlds



This is what the site looks like so far, with only a few items on it. I'm starting with only a few products : a 3D print version of my High Elf house, some Eldar pathways, and a mystery vehicle.








So here are the designs for my first bit of 3D modelling... a set of simple Eldar pathways.









This is a 3D print version of the High Elf house and tower I made a few years back. Mine was originally made from a beer glass (among other things), so it's a little bit fragile. This one will be 3D printed plastic, and will be much tougher. It also has a basic interior, with stairs, wood flooring and windows and doors.










Some of you know exactly what vehicle I'm planning to make, since it's been in my mind for a couple of years now. So here's a preview of one of the many tracks from that secret vehicle. More pics coming soon, once I've had a chance to test print everything.








I've gone a bit nuts on this range of terrain, which has grown into a massive list of 17 different Necron-themed terrain items! And to cap it all off, I've gone and bought a new 6'x4' gaming mat for the club, which I plan to use for photo shoots.




The first item is a set of 6 Necron objective markers, which can all be fitted with LED tealights and coloured plastic inserts, to give them a spooky Necron glow. They are numbered 1-6 on the top, in Necron-inspired designs.



Next up on the list is a modular Necron step pyramid, which can be used as hill terrain in 40K games....








So what do you think?


I'd love to hear everybody's comments!


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