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3D printed Necron board : ネクロン情景モデル

by David on 2018-05-15 (Tue) 21:31PM

This is a project I wanted to try for quite a while now, and over the past year I've been slowly designing 3D models to print for a Necron-themed gaming board - my printer arrived last week and since then it's been working overtime on all this massive terrain!


So here is a progress blog of Necron terrain as it comes off the printer. For those interested, I've created a site to sell the 3D print files (very cheaply), so you can print your own.

May the xenos of the galaxy reclaim what was once theirs....



Necron landing pad:

3D print files available:

Buy it here >>


▲ This is the first of the terrain pieces - a fairly huge landing pad. The inside is hollow, allowing fanatics to place LEDs underneath and light up their tables!

▲ I painted it up in classic black and green colours, to match our Necron gaming mat. Simple, but effective!


▲ The view from above is pretty darn cool!

▲ Ned the Necron is a happy chappie! Just look at that smile!






Necron Tokens:

3D print files available:

Buy them here >>

▲ I thought these would make for fun and simple counters, for command points and so on. Or even objective markers?







Necron ruler:

3D print files available:

Buy it here >>


▲ Just a simple 6" ruler, for moving models around the board to crush and destroy those upstart races! This was basically a test print, so see whether the 3D printer could accurately print the symbols I wanted to include on all my terrain. It worked, so now my printer is working overtime trying to crank out some huge pyramids!!






Necron Pyramid:

3D print files available:

Buy them here >>

▲ The biggest terrain piece for the Necron board is this massive 3 level pyramid. The sections are modular, so this version has the cut-out doorway with an LED behind it.

▲ When space is tight we can limit ourselves to the top 2 levels of the pyramid, which is still just about big enough to hide a Necron monolith behind.

▲ Atmospheric pic of the stairwell section, with another green LED inside. We even have a dicetower section on the back, so you can through your dice in one side and have them come bouncing out the front steps.


▲ Finally, here's the pic I used for Thingiverse (3D printing filesharing site), with super bright green paint on the symbols.






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Club Newsletter:
Where do we meet?
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Club Newsletter:
Where do we meet?
Design by A TOUCH OF TENSAI Design Studio

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