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3D printed Samurai terrain : ν‘Žž‘γ‚̏ξŒiƒ‚ƒfƒ‹

by David on 2019-05-07 (Tue) 11:32AM

To go along with our popular Test of Honour games, I tried my hand at modelling and printing some Japanese feudal-era terrain. Here are the results....






Japanese Stone Walls

3D print files available:

Buy them here >>

£ This will form the mainstay of the range, and probably the most commonly used terrain pieces - straight walls, corner walls and a wooden gateway piece with sliding doors.

£ Sizable Japanese garden area or the walls surrounding a large house. The pieces can be detached from their rock bases and used as split level pieces.

£ Those doors actually slide, which is super fun during a game!!

£ The rear of the gateway has these chunky wooden pillars for support, and there are detailed struts under the roof itself.







Japanese Torii Gates


3D print files available:

Buy them here >>


£ Another iconic couple of terrain pieces - large wooden shrine gate (left) and a smaller rustic stone torii gate (right). Those ropes are optional extras, but really add to the flavour!







Zen Rock Garden

3D print files available:

Buy them here >>


£ I made this rock garden to be a one-piece print, but designed in quarters so you can combine 2 or 3 or 4 pieces into one larger garden. Came out great!







Sword Rulers

3D print files available:

Buy them here >>

£ Couldn't resist modelling this 9" sword ruler, with swappable clan crests in the hilt. Perhaps a little silly for a gaming table, but so much fun.


£ Ninja attack!!






Castle Walls

3D print files available:

Buy them here >>

£ Chunky great castle walls and hills. Those simple gates lead to the slops step section, which leads into the upper area.

£ I made white stone walls to go on top, and also included these groovy little log fences too, as an option.... which let me pose classic scenes like this one!






Wooden Lanterns

3D print files available:

Buy them here >>

£ I whipped these up in an evening, and incorporated some internal pipes that let me connect up simple flickering LEDs in the top, and a battery hidden in the base. Very atmospheric!






Wooden Walls

3D print files available:

Buy them here >>


£ A full set of wooden walls and two gate versions, for those slightly poorer rural farm estates. Plenty of gaps for ninja assassins to sneak through!








3D print files available:

Buy them here >>




£ Five bridges to suit any type of river crossing! I couldn't resist taking a battle scene photo - I LOVE ninjas.....

£ Probably my favourite pic of the session - here's what I assembled from the castle walls, stone walls, wooden wall gateway and the big castle bridge (and some photoshopped water!).







3D print files available:

Buy it here >>

£ I made some low canalside banks and pathways by cutting down the castle wall sections, and re-working them. Then some dockside steps and some shallow punt boats, and the set was complete. People seemed to love the pic above, with the ninja jumping across!

£ The big wooden bridge is also a perfect fit for this canal set, to create a castle moat.

£ Or, if you don't want to introduce water to your scenario, you can use the canal set as a low hill instead. I magnetised mine for super-quick assembly.






Farmyard SET

3D print files available:

Buy them here >>

£ The thatched rice barn was a bit of a labour of love, but the end result was very satisfying. All sorts of stuff in this set, including some cute little farmyard animals.

£ I designed the rice paddy to be filled with a few millimetres of clear resin or water effects, and the end result looked pretty good. I even built a small plough too!


£ Plenty of boxes, barrels and bundles were included to populate a real working farm, and to fit on the carts. The water well was decorated with an extra bit of thin thread.




Rob   2018-11-21 (Wed) 9:49AM
This stuff is amazing!

David   2018-11-21 (Wed) 10:39AM
Thanks! Lots more to come....

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Club Newsletter:
Where do we meet?
Design by A TOUCH OF TENSAI Design Studio

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