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3D printed Tau terrain : タウの情景モデル

by David on 2020-03-24 (Tue) 14:12PM

I had lots of fun with the previous collection of Necron-themed terrain produced on my 3d printer, so I've tried my hand at Tau terrain. Here's the collection so far...





Tau Landing Pad

3D print files available:

Buy them here >>


▲ A nice, big landing pad to start with. I wanted to include some interesting gimmicks, so it's got a movable forcefield, and an energy lift that you can raise and lower.

▲ Another idea I had was to design it so that you could print it in clear coloured plastic, and put LED lights inside. So this is what it looks like with some LEDs inside.....

▲ ... and this is how awesome it looks with the room lights turned off! Tron, eat your heart out! hahahaha







Tau Teleporter

3D print files available:

Buy it here >>

▲ Flatscreen console can be located anywhere on the pad rim, and the asymmetrical towers are hollow, so you can add LEDs and do this.....

▲ ... to fight in semi-darkness!



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Where do we meet?
Design by A TOUCH OF TENSAI Design Studio

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