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3D printed Tau terrain : タウの情景モデル

by David on 2021-03-04 (Thu) 14:12PM

I had lots of fun with the previous collection of Necron-themed terrain produced on my 3d printer, so I've tried my hand at Tau terrain. Here's the collection so far...





Tau Landing Pad

3D print files available:

Buy them here >>


▲ A nice, big landing pad to start with. I wanted to include some interesting gimmicks, so it's got a movable forcefield, and an energy lift that you can raise and lower.

▲ Another idea I had was to design it so that you could print it in clear coloured plastic, and put LED lights inside. So this is what it looks like with some LEDs inside.....

▲ ... and this is how awesome it looks with the room lights turned off! Tron, eat your heart out! hahahaha







Tau Teleporter

3D print files available:

Buy it here >>

▲ Flatscreen console can be located anywhere on the pad rim, and the asymmetrical towers are hollow, so you can add LEDs and do this.....

▲ ... to fight in semi-darkness!






Tau Fusion Reactor

3D print files available:

Buy it here >>

▲ Another hollow terrain model, with a hi-tech central reactor core.

▲ I stuffed LEDs inside the towers, the surrounding walls, and even the central reactor core for this photo.





Tau Gun Tower

3D print files available:

Buy it here >>

▲ I'm quite proud of the techincal aspects of this design. You can move the turret up and down, and rotate it too.

▲ I ran out of batteries slightly for this pic, so some of the blue lines on the turret are too dark, but it still looks funky!





Just a quick group shot of the 4 terrain pieces so far. 20 more to go....



Saito Masaki   2020-05-26 (Tue) 23:40PM
I Love the Looks of your Tau Terrain... I would Love to See a Tau Bastian / Fortress in this Style..

David   2020-05-27 (Wed) 8:11AM
Thanks, Masaki! Yes, the plan is to eventually work my way through about 20 designs for this range, and a bastion is pretty close to the top of my to-do list!

Saito Masaki   2021-10-22 (Fri) 22:19PM
I was wondering with the Tau Landing Pad is it large enough to fit a Tau Orca at all, as i am on the look out for a Tau Landing Pad that i can have my Tau Orca sitting/landed on with it's Ground Crew servicing the Orca? I am also planning to get Epic versions of the Flyers and have them as statues around the Landing Pad, if i can get the full range of Tau Flyers that is...

David   2021-11-25 (Thu) 12:40PM
The landing pad is about 10" across (250mm). Pretty large.

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