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Stripping your models 塗装を剥ぐ仕方

by David on 2012-07-31 (Tue) 20:32PM

No, sadly it's not an article about the debauched practices of a depraved Slaaneshi cult . It's a quick guide on stripping the layers of paint off your old miniatures, to start afresh. Often when you get donated miniatures or second-hand models, you'll find all sorts of oil, enamel or just messy acrylic paint on them. The fine detailing on citadel models is often obscured, so here's how to strip off most (if not all) of the gunk...


What you'll need 必要なもの:


  • Metal bowl with sealable lid. 金属のボールとふた (100 yen shop)
  • Strong toothbrush 歯ブラッシュ
  • Rubber gloves ゴム手袋
  • Paint thinner シンナー Simple Green

1. Pour the paint thinner into the bowl ボールにシンナー液を入れる

pour in the thinners

You need to pour enough thinner to cover the models completely. I used the whole bottle - you can reuse the thinner a few times, so it should last fine. モデル全身を液に入れるぐらいの量まで注いでください。終わってからシンナーを再び利用できます。

2. Drop your models in モデルを入れる

add your models

Most people use this stripping technique for metal miniatures, but it does also work for plastic models. Note that any glue is likely to be weakened in the thinner, so they'll often come out of their bases. メタルのミニアチュアでもプラスチック製のモデルでも入れます。接着剤が弱くなる場合もありますので、ベースから外してもかまいません。

3. Close the lid ふたを閉める

close the lid

Seal the lid tight, or the thinner will simply evaporate. DON'T place the bowl in the kitchen!!  ふたをしっかり閉めないとシンナーの液が蒸発させます。

4. Leave it for 16 hours 16時間ぐらいそのまま置いておく。

after 16 hours

After 16 hours my models looked like this - note the bubbling of the cream paint. A little longer, maybe... 私がした時は16時間後の状態はこうなった。後ちょっとかなぁ?

5. Another 16 hours later 合計32時間後

after 32 hours

Usually it'll take about 16-32 hours to weaken all the paint. My old models had at least 2 coats of paint, and that's why it look longer. Note the war-walked legs in the middle have now shed their cream paint and exposed the red paint below. It's ready. だいたい24時間ぐらいかかりますけど、私の場合には塗装がいっぱい付いていました!

6. Scrub off the paint 歯ブラッシュで磨きましょう!

cleaning models

If your models have soaked long enough, most of the paint should just drop off pretty easily, with just a light scrub with a brush. Wear your gloves for this, as it's a really smelly job! シンナーが助ェ効いたら、磨くと簡単に塗装が落とします。ゴム手袋を使ってね!

When you're finished, wash your models in cold water to remove any trace of thinner, and dry them. Pour the thinner back into the bottle, and keep it for next time. 終わったら、水でモデルを洗いましょう。シンナーをボトルに戻すと今度も使えます。完成です。

Results 結果:

cleaned and dried models

These are some of the models I stripped. Most of them came out great, with only a few stubborn bits of paint stuck in the deep crevices - for my purposes that'll be fine! エルダーの場合には、きれいになりましたよね。ちょっとだけの塗装が深いところに残っていますが、私には別に気にしていない!



A couple of years later now, and I'm trying to strip tons of paint and thick varnish from a horde of chaos models. I found this old can of "paint thinner" (picture below - the blue one), and although it was pretty old and had been used for cleaning brushes in the past, I gave it a go. It didn't work! Perhaps it was too old, or too used, or the paint on the models was too old?

2年後になりました - 今回はケイオスモデルからペイントを取ろうとしています。以下の写真にある「ペイントうすめ液」を使ってみたが、だめでした。何年も持っていたから古すぎたかもしれない。

So I took a trip to Gooday and bought a small can of suspiciously similar looking stuff. The shop guy wasn't sure (and I gave him plenty of details), but he suggested if the blue one hadn't worked the pink one labelled "Lacquer Thinner" might work. Tried it - it worked beautifully.

グッデイの店員さんに尋ねて、以下の写真「ラッカーうすめ液」をおすすめもらいました。使って見ました - 大成功!

This pink stuff above ("Laquer Thinner") is great at strippiing paint and varnish off metal models, but do NOT use it with plastic models. The stuff is so strong I just lost 4 monster bases that I had left attached to ogres. The bases themselves were suspended out of the liquid in a sealed container, but the fumes melted them completely overnight. The fumes! Sheesh - don't breath this stuff in, eh?!



There is a cleaning detergent called SIMPLE GREEN available in the U.S., which is recommended as the number one choice for this job. It's non-toxic, and friendly to both metal and plastic models. And I've just found it on Rakuten here in Japan, for about 1100 yen for 1L. If your Japanese is up to ordering online, click the link below.



1 Comment :

Vlad   2011-08-03 (Wed) 19:09PM
I've tried the hobby thinner on plastic and the plastic didn't melt, but does anyone have any ideas how it will effect resin?

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