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福岡県のモデリング商品や店 : Local Modelling Supplies

by Everybody on 2019-01-27 (Sun) 16:08PM


This is a short guide to buying modelling supplies in the Fukuoka-Kitayushu area. Many of the common modelling supplies found abroad are unavailable here in Japan, so here is a list of useful items and where to find them.




Spray paints

 Citadel Undercoats (matt black, matt white)

Narrow spray reduces wastage when undercoating models. High pressure. It doesn't obscure details. 



1950 yen (400ml)

  • Ringtail



 水性スプレーMAX つや消し黒 (water-based matt black)

This particular spray is not actually 100% black - it is more like 90%; a very dark grey. However, it is ideal for quickly and cheaply undercoating terrain, and also for undercoating models where absolute black is not required (e.g. mobs of orks!). A quick black wash over the undercoat, and you have instant shading! Suitable for polystryene too.



800 yen (400ml)

  • Gooday



 Citadel Purity Seal Satin Varnish 

Narrow spray reduces wastage when varnishing models. Satin finish is halfway between matt and gloss - great for models, looks a little odd on terrain (e.g. shiny stone, grass).



1950 yen (400ml)

  • Ringtail



 ALESCO シリコンラッカースプレー  つやけしとうめい (clear silicon oil-based laquer)

Satin finish on this spray, so similar comments to above. Oil-based finish is very hard-wearing. Clear cap, not white as pictured.



840 yen (420ml)

  • Gooday



 アスペン ラッカースプレー 「ツヤ消しクリヤ」 (clear laquer spray)

Basically, the same comments as above. Not suitable for polystyrene terrain. This is a satin finish spray.



580 yen (300ml)

  • Gooday



 アサヒペン CREATIVE COLOR マット「ツヤ消し」 (matt clear spray)

The terrain maker's spray of choice. This does give a great matt (not satin) cover, and won't melt polystyrene. Beware that the blue ribbon on the can denotes matt colours, but a red ribbon denotes gloss.



780 yen (300ml)





Several requests for more info about those matt Creative Color sprays have come up recently, so I snapped a quick pic of the available sprays in my local Tomino Nafco. They make excellent, cheap undercoats.


Amazon search link








 Citadel Brushes

Sable hair brushes. Fine points, great quality.


850 yen ~

  • Ringtail
  • Shiraishi



 Windsor & Newton Series 7

Sable hair brushes. Fine points, good quality.


800 yen ~

  • Hobby Box
  • Ringtail






Terrain supplies

 インスタントセメント (instant cement)

Easy to find cheaply in any Japanese DIY store. Simply mix with water and slop it on to terrain to create instant texturing and rocky outcrops. I use it in combination with modelling sand (see below, as it's cheap.



365 yen 1.3kg

  • Gooday
  • Nafco



 GW Citadel Modelling Sand

Ideal for texturing

bases or sprinkled onto glue covered terrain. A little pricey for large terrain, so try covering with instant cement first, then sprinkle sand on when dry. Can be painted, inked and washed easily.



1250 yen

  • Stage 1
  • Ringtail



 Delta Ceramcoat Acrylic Paint

Cheap acrylic, ideal for painting onto terrain. Try drybrushing light colours (e.g. Territorial Beige) directly onto a black undercoat for instant earth colours on large areas.



200 yen

  • Gooday



 Americana Deco Art Acrylic paint

Same as above. I use their light coloured Grey Sky directly (or after a light brown) drybrushed onto balck undercoat, for good rocky tones. 黒いアンダーコートの上にライトグレーなどをドライブラッシすれば、石を早く作れます。


200 yen

  • Nafco






Stores referenced in this article:

  • Stage 1 - Moji-ku, Kitakyushu-shi more details>>
  • Ringtail - Beppu-shi, Oita-ken website>>
  • Hobby Box - Adachi, Kokura-kita-ku, Kitakyushu-shi Google map>>
  • Nafco ナフコ - DIY store widely found throughout Kyushu (blue signs)
  • Gooday グッデイ - DIY store widely found throughout Kyushu (orange signs)



Chris   2011-06-10 (Fri) 21:35PM
Ooooh. I would love a couple of those Series 7. Might have to make a trip down there on Sunday. The brushes of choice for the pro painter.

宮尾   2011-06-12 (Sun) 20:46PM

Liam   2019-02-04 (Mon) 21:42PM
Nice article, especially for a spray enthusiast like myself.

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