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True Artists

by Chris on 2009-04-09 (Thu) 13:22PM

Painting is part of the hobby which I find fascinating and enjoy. When I say enjoy, I mean I enjoy trying to create beautiful models within the limits of my painting skill. I can't really say the same applies to painting masses of ranks for gaming as I find that a real chore. However sometimes I see a model that I just fall in love with and want to paint for paintings sake.

 Over the last year or so I have worked on improving my painting, the use of layering and blending techniques, some knowledge of colour theory, dilution of paints etc but am still a long way from becoming accomplished.

So in this article I wanted to point people in the direction of some of the painters who I consider amazingly awesome and aspire to be like. 

Sebastian Archer - click on the gallery to see some crazy minature painting skills. Not only are the miniatures incredible but I find them to be completely innovative in the colours he uses and his metallics are incredible. 

Jeremie Bonamant - world renowned painter and winner of numerous awards. 

Ana from Chest of Colors - just look at the gallery...no need for words. I love the Ultramarine Venerable Dreadnought! 

There are so many more painters I would like to showcase so hopefully I can continue to add names as time permits. 


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