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Combat Patrol 40K

by Chris on 2009-05-06 (Thu) 13:24PM

Combat Patrol or 40K in 40 minutes is a set of rules created by Tim Eagling for playing short games of 40k in a lunch break. I think these will make good intro games as the forces are limited in size and selection so I thought I would put the rules up here so we can create a few patrols to battle with each other.

The rules are:

  • Patrols are maximum 400 points
  • You MUST take 1 Troops choice
  • You may take one HQ choice 
  • The remaining points may be spent on anything else from your Codex
  • No Character or Beast my have more than 2 wounds
  • No Special Characters
  • No 2+ Saves
  • No Vehicles with a combined Armour Value greater than 33

So those are the basic rules for Combat Patrol. For more info and some examples check out Tim Eaglings site.



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🔰 初めての方はこちら

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