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Nurgle Sorceress Sculpt

by Chris on 2008-01-24 (Thu) 13:45PM

My first attempt at sculpting with green stuff.


I decided to give sculpting a go and ordered some green stuff off of ebay along with some sculpting tools. The green stuff arrived the other day but the sculpting tools have yet to arrive...
But being impatient I thought I would have a go at sculpting anyway using a toothpick and one of those ear cleaning things you can find over here.
I started by studying a lot of photos on the internet of erm...how to say it politely...round ladies as I wanted a bloated and obese nurgle style woman.
Here is the result of attempting to sculpt some basic shape to the model:
front body
side shot
I was quite pleased with how this turned out but knew that was the easiest bit.
Over the next few days I added bit by bit and eventually she came out like this:
While she isn't perfect by any means, I was quite pleased with this for the first time. Area that need a lot of work are the face, hands and arms but I can hopefully improve on those as time goes by.
Any comments or criticisms are appreciated.
I am thinking when the sculpting tools arrive I might attempt a more slender female empire wizard for one of the less used lores of magic like metal... 


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🔰 初めての方はこちら

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