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プレイリポート 2009/3/8 : BIG Snow Game Results

by David on 2009-03-09 (Thu) 13:46PM

What a shock!! - We actually finished our big game yesterday, after 6 turns of maximum carnage. Despite that, there was a surprising number of models left on the table (as loads of troops managed to rally). Chris got creamed - but he was in the middle with only 1500pts, facing 3000 pts of orcs and 3000 pts of ogres. Even so, he still had two major units still left at the end! A super debut for his beautifully-painted Empire.

Many unexpected highlights of the game, including the Orc boss charging forwards on a wyvern and causing 3 main ogres units to flee. They ate him in the end though, after an unlucky flee roll. Ross' face was very funny when his Lord cast a mispel in 5th (?) turn, but only lost 2 wounds. It was even funnier when on the very next spell he miscast again and blew himself up! Sorry Ross.... but your face was a picture!!

Chris' Pistoliers performed great, but in the end were cornered by the sheer mass of troops on the table. Ross' Gorgers both did great, being the pain-in-the-arse we all expected. But I think we'd all have to agree that the highlight of the game was a 3rd (?) turn clash between the two giants. Both heavily wounded giants collided with each other right in the shadow of the watchtower (see the photo, with Chris looking on), and in a single club stroke the Orc giant squashed the Ogre slavegiant - instant kill! We didn't know they could do that! gulp.







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