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ミニゲーム: Necromancer Battle 魔法使いバトル

by David on 2009-11-13 (Fri) 13:58PM

Necromancer Battle





  • 魔法使い2人
  • スケレトン12人
  • ゾンビー12人
  • 墓石いっぱい


Great mini-game this - a two-player Warhammer Skirmish scenario set in a creepy graveyard. We've used this very successfully as a demo game to gently introduce Japanese gamers to the hobby and the rules. This scenario was originally included in the 2002 scenario compilation book, only available in the US (we think!). For our first-timer games, we slimmed down the rules to ignore rules for 'knocked-down' models etc. You will need 2 wizard models, and two or more sets of 12 undead - in the game all skeletons, zombies, ghouls etc play the same, but the different models help to differentiate between forces.








1  2

3  4



Two necromancers start off at opposite edges of the 24" square board (see map below). Players have to raise the undead models from their graves and kill the opposing necromancer. There are two special rules for this scenario:


  • Raise the Dead: Both necromancers can only use one spell, but there are 3 different power levels. LEVEL 1 is cast on a 3+, and raises D3 undead models. LEVEL 2 is cast of a 7+, and raises D6+1 models. LEVEL 3 is cast on a 12+, and raises D6+3. For the demo game, we found it better to ignore miscasts and irresistable force, and also to limit power dice to 3 and dispel dice to 2 per turn. It balances well.


  • Crumble to Dust: Both necromancers are fairly inept, and frequently lose control of their own models. At the start of each of your turns, measure the distance from each model to the necromancer. Models within 6" crumble to dust on a 6+, models 6-12" crumble on 5+ and models further than 12" away crumble on 4+.


Demo Event



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🔰 初めての方はこちら


🔰 初めての方はこちら

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