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Bloodbowl Update

by Ross on 2009-06-01 (Mon) 10:45AM

The second set of results are now in, and with 2 fresh teams joining the fray. The highlights of which I remember are as follows,



A fairly solid start for the new Norse team, with a first turn drive that almost resulted in an early touchdown was thwarted by failing the final "go for it" on the touchline, not only once but with the re-roll.

The Purple Hearts, still struggling after losing 2 of their key players in the previous matchup against the Greenskins were perhaps over-zealous in their attempt to bring back some glory. Throwing fouls left right and centre, it was hard for the ref not to notice. By the end of the game they were 8 players down, four to minor injuries, four to blatant fouling.

The Valkyries were easily able to capitalize on this, despite the death of their number 11 linesman. Their fouling was perhaps a little more subtle as not a single player was sent off for the match!

An inevitable win for the Valkyries, and perhaps the Hearts will be up to full strength again for their next match!

Norse win,



The freshly raised Necromantic team entered the stadium to great fanfare. The match underdogs had whipped up an unprecedented number of supporters in their first game of the season. The fans were definately on their side!

The first half saw a lot of back and forth but with the assistance of Star Player, Wilhelm Chaney and the speed of Rolo Gonzalez, their Werewolf, and the team Ghouls, Rotspawn and Graveclaw, the Greenskins lines were constantly breached. Unable to catch Necromatic's rising stars, the Orcs had to settle for maiming and dismembering the slower zombies.

By the end of the half Necromatic were up 2 nil despite being under strength.

The second half needed drastic measures from the Orcs to pull back into the game. Licklick Dribblesnot positioned himself behind Mulch, the Greenskins newly hired Troll, and waited for a first turn handoff from the Orc thrower. The goblin recieved the ball and planted a swift kick into the shins of the troll. A tense moment as Mulch gazed at Licklick hungrily, before scooping him up and hurling him deep into the undead half. Landing squarely on his feet , he danced to the line for a fast touchdown!

Despite their being 7 more turns to equalise, the Greenskins failed to achieve another touchdown, instead conceding a third to Necromatic.

Game goes to the underdogs, and the crowds go wild!



The 2 evenly matched team faced off, with no clear favourite. Both teams had an even number of supporters attending.

The first half was fairly uneventful, except for a block thrown by the Valkyries thrower Morgana at the werewolf, Rolo Gonzalez, shattering his leg beyond even his regenerative ability to heal. It looks like he'll still be licking his wounds for their next match, poor pup!

The half ended in a 0-0 stalemate

The second half saw a strong push by Necromatic. The Valkyries line having been diminished due to having 3 players sent off for fouling and Grendal the Snow Troll being revived in the Knock Out bin. The undead took good advantage of this situation and scored an impressive touchdown. At the next drive the Troll had recovered enough to groggily return to the field, but it proved insufficient to claw back into the game.

Necromatic win,



A quick match to give the Norse and Orcs a chance to battle eachother, saw Adam take command of the Greenskins against the Valkyries. The Norse lasse's induced the aid of Zara the Slayer for this matchup and with fingers crossed took to the pitch.

The first half was largely uneventful as both sides scrambled for the ball, with neither side able to gain a firm grip. That ball was greased up worse 'n an Alabama Hog!

Mulch and Licklick made an appearance for the second half attempting to get a throw team mate off, succeeding in throwing the stunty, despite multiple tackle zones. Licklick scattered and landed beside the Valkyries runner requiring an agility roll at -1 to land, passes this, and dodges out of her tackle zone..rolling a 1.. followed by another 1 on the re-roll.

Another attempt later in the half saw a similar result with the goblin stumbling after landing. The Valkyries seized the opportunity, sccoping up the ball and racing for a mid half touchdown.

The Orcs made a grand total of 2 star player points(injury), with the Valkyries only doing marginally better on 4 (successful pass&catch, 1 TD)

Game goes to the Norse




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