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David デイビッド : Orc & Goblin Army

by David on 2012-11-16 (Fri) 11:19AM

Here it is, my Orc & Goblin army in all its painted glory...

Some of the more interesting models:

Warboss Gnarr on Wyvern

Warboss Snozza on Giant Squig
Big Boss Gorga
Big Boss Skarpa
Doom Divers
Doom Divers
Stone Thrower
Night Goblin Rock Lobba
Spider Rider
Spider Rider conversion
Mortag the Giant
Squig Herd (9 out of 12 are scratch built)

Old Red and Da Big Greenie


Here's a couple of biggies for you:

Just to increase the terror factor a little more, I mounted this gigantic spider on the dreadstone blight ruined tower model. It's truly massive!! Just a little cutting and bending at the knee joints allowed me to fit 5 of it legs snugly into small holes, while still being removable for placing on the normal base for combat.

Lovely model to paint too - a simple drybrush in two different reds, and most of the spider was done. I was in super lazy mode for the goblins, and just did a heavy thraka green wash on rotting flesh basecoat for their skin. Great goblin models to pose, by the way - note the falling gobbo on the back being attacked by a baby spider.

The tower itself received some lovin' too! I used lots of the smallest spiders and the tree roots that came with the Arachnarok kit, and dotted them around the model to make it really creepy. I also used the trollslayer from the old Skull Pass set, the flinger's spider web ammunition, and a giant's cow to hang from the rafters as snacks for all the spider's offspring.

These are great models to paint up, and I couldn't resist basing them in a shallow pond. The water effect worked okayish, but has recently started to soften and run, up in the loft in the summer! I also tried a couple of source-lighting effects. I wanted to suggest a fluorescent glow to that nice pink vomit, and while the reflections on the skin worked well, I couldn't get the vomit right. Oh well, looks vile anyway! The troll on the right has a glowing angler-fish stalk in front of its face, which came out nicely.

These two mangler squigs were from Raccolor Art, which was offering self-sculpted and cast mangler squigs for a quarter of the GW price, plus they are from proper resin (so they won't melt in summer). The scenic base is included, but I had to add the ankle cuffs and chain myself. Huge beasties, and suitably scary on the tabletop!


Chris   2010-07-27 (Tue) 9:35AM
Looking good...

Gonna have to change some movement trays up though to get some HORDE action going on in 8th.

Stephen   2010-08-11 (Wed) 14:28PM
Love it.

Jean-Luc   2010-09-11 (Sat) 6:40AM
Nice village.
See you got loads of extra goblins.

David   2010-09-11 (Sat) 11:03AM
Yeah, everyone just keeps giving me more! I don't know why people don't seem to LOVE the little fraggers. They're endlessly entertaining!

jprp   2013-03-02 (Sat) 7:00AM
You should get more giants,

Mike   2013-04-22 (Mon) 14:51PM
How many points is this roughly?

David   2013-04-22 (Mon) 14:57PM
Currently only one unit of savage orcs is unpainted, so last time the painted stuff came to approximately 7000 points. Looks great on the table too - wall to wall green!

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