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Lazy wash painting 怠け者ペイント

by David on 2010-09-06 (Mon) 9:35AM


Welcome to Lazy Painting 101, or more accurately, Lazy Washing. I was recently gifted an old battalion box of Lizardmen and decided to paint them as quickly as I could to a good tabletop standard. Their ridged scaly skin seemed to be an ideal testing ground for Citadel's wash set, so I tried an experiment using only washes for most (90%+) of each model.





Firstly, I undercoated all the models in matt white, and then went about basing the models in my normal manner (CHARADON GRANITE, and then drybrushed with GRAVEYARD EARTH and then BLEACHED BONE. Base edges were finished in SCORCHED BROWN). I'm not counting this in the time keeping, by the way!




And we're off...


I started with the shields, by heavily washing them in DEVLAN MUD. After this dried, I painted the metal areas with MITHRIL SILVER (this is one of the 3 non-wash paints I used for the model). Then The metal areas were heavily washed with GRYPHONNE SEPIA. Hey presto, instant highlighted gold!


シールドをDEVLAN MUDでウォッシュして、金属の部分はMITHRIL SILVERをペイントしました。最後に、銀色のところをGRYPHONNE SEPIAでウォッシュをしました。


  • Devlan Mud 1 min.
  • Mithril Silver 1 min.
  • Gryphonne Sepia 1 min.


= 3 minutes so far. (合計3分)


Now we can speed up a little. The spines and back of the saurus was washed in LEVIATHAN PURPLE. I went over the area again later with a different colour, so it didn't need to be neat (I love washes!).


今からは早いぞ!背中の部分をLEVIATHAN PURPLEでウォッシュをしました。丁寧にしなくてもOKでしたので、古いブラッシュを使った。


  • Leviathan Purple 1 min.


= 4 minutes so far


Next was a whole body wash in BAAL RED. Again, I used a very big, very old brush for this.


次はBAAL REDで体をすべてウォッシュしました。


  • Baal Red 4 min.


= 8 minutes so far

Next was the second of the three paints I used. For the saurus models armed with swords, I painted the sides in CHARADON GRANITE. Still on a large drybrush here.


剣をCHARADON GRANITEでペイントをしました。まだ、古くて大きいブラッシュを使っています。


  • Charadon Granite 1 min.


= 9 minutes so far



Finally I can start to use nice brushes again! This step took a while, because it was a bit fiddly. As for the shields, I covered all the metallic areas of the models with MITHRIL SILVER, which I'd watered down a little (my pot is over 10 years old, so it's getting a little gloopy!).


金属の部分をMITHRIL SILVERでペイントをしました。スタンダードのブラッシュを使って、丁寧にペイントをしたので、ちょっと時間かかりました。


  • Mithril Silver 5 min.


= 14 minutes so far


After the silver comes the gold! All of the silver bits were heavily washed with GRYPHONNE SEPIA in the same way as the shields. It gives a good instant highlight, so I'll probably be using this method more in the future.


銀色のところをGRYPHONNE SEPIAでウォッシュをしました。このステージを終わると、ゲームで使えるかもね。


  • Gryphonne Sepia 1 min.


= 15 minutes so far


Final stages for this model involved detailing the face. Some models had tongues out, which I painted in red. Not all of them had tongues, which is why I haven't added this to the time (I know - a real cheat, aren't I?!). I washed the mouth area and eyes and nails with BADAB BLACK, and then highlighted them with a BLEACHED BONE/WHITE paint. I mixed a pot of this paint up specially and use it for elf faces and bone highlights. The model is now done, and ready for grassing!


最後のは顔・目・爪をBADAB BLACKでウォッシュをして、乾いたらBLEACHED BONEでペイントをしました。これで完成!


  • Badab Black 1 min.
  • Bleached bone 1 min.


= 17 minutes and we're done!


I really enjoyed trying out whole model washes. Although it's not as clean as highlighting, it's certainly quicker, and a whole army of them together looks awesome. I tried out most of the wash colours on the various models, and you can see the skinks (purple then blue washes) and cold ones (sepia and green washes) at the top.


I love lazy painting!!!

1 Comment :

Stephen   2010-09-07 (Tue) 0:45AM
That really looks good. Im not using my washes right it seems. Mine seem to come out a little patchy but maybe that just becuse th lizzies are a better model for it.

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