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Ringtail construction continues 工事の続き

by David on 2011-01-02 (Sun) 16:53PM

Construction for the 2nd floor event room at Ringtail has been continuing on and off, and the room is almost finished. After the last demo event on Dec 23rd we finished tidying up a little early, so we had the chance to visit the store and see how things were going. ..... "Well done, Miyao-san!", that's what I say. Since the room only has a few items remaining unfinished (window shutters, stools), he promises me that now the room is ready for gaming and regular Saturday club days will be starting soon - perhaps this month.



Great chandelier!

Yep, this tap and sink really works. Now we have to find somewhere to hide the hotpot!

The speakers are hidden in those ceiling beams, and cabling runs to the hidden panel on the right - all wireless gizmos, apparently!

This last shot was taken a few weeks earlier, and shows what a great job Miyao-san made of the window leading. He's cleverly fixed the wood rectangles in place, and simply stuck the leading to the sliding part of the windows with double-sided tape.

We should have final touches done very soon, and some glossy photos to splash over the internet. Then it's GAME ON!!!


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🔰 初めての方はこちら


🔰 初めての方はこちら

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