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Amon Sul

by Chris on 2009-04-04 (Sat) 11:30AM

So I recently acquired the Lord Of The Rings Strategy Game starter set and ordered the journeybook for the Fellowship of the Ring at the same time and was pleasantly surprised with the content of the book. There is wealth of painting hints and terrain making articles to represent scenarions from the LOTR world.

I am actually useless at terrain making and have never really tried to make anything other than some bog standard hills but this book has inspired me and being me I have decided to start with the hardest project in their: Amon Sul. 


Anyway, I started out getting some of what I think is foam card from Gooday (it was pretty expensive mind) and a huge sheet of styrofoam as they only had it in one size. I looked a fool in the car park karate chopping it to break it into smaller pieces to get it in my car...

 Anyway to cut a short story even shorter, here are a few pics of progress so far...


Pieces of stuff to cut up :) 

a few hours of cutting and sticking later... 

walls for all 


Finished except for the base and the painting! Can you see Boromir and Merry...it is a huge piece of terrain!

 So this sunday will see a trip to Nafco or Gooday to try and find some textured paint...anyone know what that is in Japanese?

Stay tuned for more updates.


PS. If we can get the Outriding thing up and going then if this turns out ok we can take it to events and people can play the Frodo and Nazgul scenario as an intro. 


April 5th 2009

 I woke up early today and finished off the terrain piece. Yesterday night I added some rocks around the entire circumference of the terrain piece and then covered the foam bits with some old tile grouting I found in the closet and scattered some medium balast in places to give some texture. Then I sprayed it black.


 Then it was just a case of working up through some grey highlights and adding some flock and static grass. It isn't perfect by any means but I think it is the best terrain piece I have ever made. The only problem is that it is huge (about 50cm diameter) but it should be fun to ame across now and then. 




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