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May tournament planning : ミニ大会の企画

by David on 2011-03-15 (Tue) 10:43AM

At the recent club event, Vlad was suggesting a mini-tournament for May this year (Golden Week?). People seemed to be keen on the idea, so I thought we should put down our thoughts on the planning. Please add your comments either in the article itself (by logging in and editing it), or as comments at the bottom, or by emailing the others (and I'll add it).



David's thoughts:
Vlad's immaculate planning for last year's Beppu event would be very useful, I think. I really liked the balance between game results, force composition (bonuses for non-cheese armies), painting and sportsmanship. The question is which of those we could use here. I think since it'll be a small club-run thing, that perhaps just game results might suffice - it'll simplify things. And then just a request that people try to avoid cheese? Or maybe an extra final bonus for "most enjoyable game of my day" from each player?

Someone suggested Golden week. What are the dates? For a weekend, Sunday might get a higher attendance, but who knows... I guess we should try and decide this first, right?

3 games in one day is doable, I reckon. Allowing 2 hours for each game, timing might be something like this:

  • Game#1 : 10:30 ~ 12:30
  • Game#2 : 13:30 ~ 15:30
  • Game#3 : 16:00 ~ 18:00

Highest victory points winners from game #1 face each other in game #2 (or maybe just #3), and so on. What do you reckon?

We should be able to arrange it so that each of the 3 games plays a different scenario (Watchtower, pitched battle, dawn 'WTF?' battle etc). We can comfortably get 4 tables in, 5 or even 6 at a stretch.

About 1600 or 1800 tops, I think. 2000 point games x3 make for tired players! One army list for the day, prepared well in advance if possible.


Vlad   2011-03-15 (Tue) 18:14PM
I think three games a day at 1600 points is a good format. I also agree that scores should be compromised from gaming and composition, maybe even adding sports. Painting is rather something for "official" tourneys. How about something like this:

60% Game Score
20% Composition Score (cheesiness VS fluffiness)
20% Sports Score (you'd love to play this guy again OR never wanna see him again in your life)

I'd suggest "registration" and confirmation to be at least three weeks in advance, and lists should be ready at least a week before. Then depending on the number we could work out the number of tables etc. I don't mind not playing should there be an odd number of players - I could focus on organizing then (although I DO need an incentive to paint!).

Vlad   2011-03-15 (Tue) 18:32PM
I haven't got my schedule at hand, but I should be free from the 30th until the 8th. I would be in for a two day event as well - gives more realistic scores and it's just more fun playing against all the different armies.

I'm just not sure that two hours per game is enough for some of the newer players, but maybe it's just a good chance to learn.

David   2011-03-15 (Tue) 19:16PM
Yes, I think a 2-day event would be fun, but I think the chance of getting everyone's schedules to match up for 2 days is absolutely zero.

For sports score, I really think we should avoid any negative penalties (to keep things light and friendly). Maybe a 5-point bonus card, to be handed out to each player at the start, and awarded at the end. So maybe 75% game results (divides by 3 easily) and 25% composition, plus 5 pts (or whatever) for sports score.

Of course if we are bothering with a composition score, somebody has to judge it - and therefore won't be able to take part (maybe).

David   2011-03-22 (Tue) 19:31PM
Just as an extra note, it occurs to me that if the first game starts at about 10:30, then maybe I'd better offer some floorspace, right? For those coming from far away, or just those who don't want an early morning drive, we have a spare double bed in the middle room. Or what might be more fun is kipping on the floor in the dungeon? You know, spend the night in a spooky castle? Anybody need this, do you think?

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