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Night Goblin on Squig conversion

by David on 2010-06-07 (Mon) 11:32AM

I didn't like the GW version so much, so I converted mine to give a greater sense of movement and speed. I mounted the model on a very old GW/Marauder chaos knight's horse, and added in some basing bits. Then I covered the horse with slightly tattered green stuff barding, and dug two big scratch marks in its neck.

The helmet was missing something, so I cut off the top and nailed a very silly Bretonnian knight's crest to the top. The goblin's shield is also bretonnian, again nailed on with oversized rusty nails.

Finally I added some long chains to the back to give the model some 'bounce'. These are adorned with helmets of slain knights, previous victims of Warboss Snozza's little jousts. Snozza (or more accurately his Squig) have just killed another knight, as you can see the arm hanging out of the squig's mouth. Do you think I could enter this model in a paint contest under the "Duel" category?!


And here's how it turned out...

The parchments have tiny ornate lettering on them. Blessing of the Lady isn't worth much now, eh?

You can also see Warboss Snozza's current kill tally scratched into his shield.

I painted one eye in smoky greys, to suggest a blind eye. I was trying to suggest greater age and fighting history.

The squig has already had his lunch, but doesn't Snozza's snack look appetising? Raw onion and a rat - yummy!

In this final photo you can see the gouge marks in the horse's neck. Barding doesn't go a long way when you're faced with claws longer than your head!


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