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Club Tournament 2011 : クラブのミニ大会 5月1日

by David on 2011-04-20 (Wed) 9:22AM

Welcome to KitaQ Gamers Club Tournament 2011 - Sunday 1st May

3 games of Warhammer Fantasy battle over one day, with a single 1600 point army list.


6 Tables:

  1. Troll Country トロール郷
  2. Lustria ラストリア
  3. Badlands 悪たれ平原
  4. Kislev キスレヴ
  5. Road to Bogenhafen ボーゲンホフンへの道
  6. Siege of Hardenburg ハーデンブルグ町の包囲

5 of the 6 regular rulebook scenarios will be used in these games, with one repeat (i.e. 2 x pitched battles). Boards and terrain will be tailored to match the setting and background, so it should be a great trip around the Warhammer World!



Game Results ゲームの結果:
Tournament winner will be decided by 75% results, 25% composition, plus bonus points for sportsmanship. It's our first club tournament, so we'll keep things simple and see how it goes (sorry if it seems too simple!)

  • Win 勝利: 3 points
  • Draw 引き分け: 1 point
  • Lose 負け: 0 points

Composition アーミーリストのバランス:
Normal army composition (Lords up to 400 points, Heroes up to 400 points, Core at least 400 points, Special up to 800 points with 3 repeats, Rare up to 400 points with 2 repeats, no special characters please). The aim here is to make an army that you would enjoy playing against. Most armies will probably be classed as 'medium', and bumped up or down where required. I'll be asking for army lists beforehand and suggesting a 'class' for each - but I'll be conferring with other players on the day for final decisions.
アーミー編成はいつもどおりで作成してください(ロード400ptまで、ヒーロー400ptまで、コア400pt以上、スペシャル800ptまで、レア400ptまで、スペシャルキャラクターなし)。目的はこんな感じです: 自分のアーミーが敵になったら、ゲームは楽しくできるでしょうか?ほとんどのアーミーは「ミディアム級」になると思います。非常に固いアーミーだったら「ハード級」になる。

  • Soft army ソフト : 3 points
  • Medium army ミディアム: 2 points
  • Hard army ハード: 1 point

Sportsmanship ボーナスポイント:
As a final bonus, each player will secretly vote on their favourite army of their 3 games. This is entirely up to you, and could be awarded for painting quality, character of the army, effectiveness on the tabletop, or how nice your opponent was. The votes will be compiled at the end.

  • 1 vote (投票): 1 point
  • 2 votes: 3 points
  • 3 votes: 5 points

Example 例:
If a player were to win two games and lose one, using a 'medium' level army, and was voted by one opponent as their favourite, we would get:

  • 3 + 3 + 0, + 2, + 1 = 合計 9 total




  • David
  • Vlad ?????????
  • Miyao
  • Abe
  • Baba
  • Ross
  • Will
  • Yas
  • Chris
  • Sera
  • Yoshitake

Note : David will be the "make-up" player. If we have an odd number of players (e.g. 11) on the day, I'll play. I'll take 1 composition point, as I'll already have seen other players' lists. 9人か11人のプレイヤーがいれば、デイビッドも参加します。





Ross   2011-04-01 (Fri) 21:40PM
Put my name down!

..um or is it something im supposed to do myself =/

David   2011-04-01 (Fri) 23:55PM
Coll! Cheers Ross. Does May 1st or 8th suit you better?

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