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Tournament 2011 Report ミニ大会のリポート

by David on 2011-05-04 (Wed) 11:54AM

Our very first KitaQGamers Club Tournament... due to a couple of last-minute cancellations we were down to 9 challengers, so I was relegated to the official "drink slave" while the 8 participants enjoyed annihilating each other over the tabletop throughout the course of the day. Each participant faced 3 random games, on a variety of battlefields from around the Warhammer world. With 3 points awarded for each win and 1 for each draw, plus bonus points for army composition and fun play, any tie break would be decided on victory points achieved.




Our 8 challengers were Ross, Abe and Will (from Kitakyushu), Chris (from Iizuka), Yas (from Fukuoka's Sagari-no-Kai club), and Baba, Miyao and Yasutake (from Beppu and Oita). Will hadn't played 8th edition rules before, and Yasutake had only started the hobby one month ago! Good luck guys...


We had 6 tables available, with a variety of challenging scenarios from the rulebook. Most tables had a scattering of special terrain pieces with their own rules, such as sorcerous portals, skull temples and haunted graveyards. Working your game strategy around the unique problems (and advantages) presented in the various landscapes is the mark of a true general (at least that's the cheesy saying I heard once somewhere!). One board in particular, "Troll Country", was brand new for this tournament, and featured bubbling lava pits and wandering trolls looking for a snack. Even stupid trolls can be problematic sometimes, as Warboss Yas found out when two of his war machine crews were eaten by very lucky trolls!


6台のテーブルの中で、スペシャルルールの情景モデルもありました。理由はちゃんとありましたよ! - 戦場では何かの問題があっても、バトルプランを上手に変更できれば良いジェネラルの能力ですね。と思った。?大会のために6台のテーブルを作って、さらに「トロール郷」のボードではユニークなスペシャルルールも用意しました。お腹ペコペコのトロールがランダムで登場しますので面白いゲームになるはずだが、Yasさんのゲームでは2回でもゴブリンのウォーマシンが食べられた!それでもYasさんは笑顔ばっかりでした - 偉い!


The Games

With opponents and tables drawn at random, the morning games were ready to begin. Will and Baba soon found out the difficulties of trying to do battle in Troll Country, working their way around bubbling lava pools. Baba's Dwarfs blasted shot after shot into the oncoming Lizardmen, but even 3 wounding hits from two bolt throwers and 1 cannon (!) on a stegadon failed to down the beast, after rolling only 1 damage each time! The poor runelord was fatally distracted by a troll suddenly appearing to his rear, and was eventually trampled by the rampaging stegadon. A surprise victory to Will!


ごめん - 写真が多すぎて、日本語で書いたら時間がかかるので、日本人の参加者に頼むぞ!コメントがあれば、送ってね。


Another Lizardman matchup in this photo, with Chris facing his 3rd opponent of the day - Yasutake's High Elves. The High Elves poured volley after volley into the oncoming lizardmen, but failed to down the oncoming beasties. Stegadons were starting to prove their worth in today's tournament games. See the second closeup photo below, for game results...


This was a fairly well-matched game between two very lost armies. Miyao's vampire counts fought it out with Abe's Wood Elves in the jungles of Lustria. The battle used the Dawn Attack scenario, so both armies were slightly too out of position to present a solid front. With magic spells zapping out of the ancient Slann pyramid, Miyao's graveguard attempted to break through Abe's forces of dryads and treeman. As he found out, it's not easy to shift a treeman when it doesn't want to move! Extra credit should go Abe, for risking his giant eagle by drinking from the wyrding well mid-game. It could have been hideous with eagle vomit descending from the skies, but happily the eagle simply recovered his full wounds from the life-giving pool. Almost a drawn game, but Abe just won out on victory points.


Here's a close up of the Will (Lizardmen) vs Baba (Dwarfs) game. You can see the risk Will was taking by running his army through the narrow gaps, and also the skill Baba showed by concentrating his force in only one half of the battlefield - thereby forcing Will to attack through those fire-lanes.


This was the morning game in the snows of Kislev between Yasutake's High Elves and Yas's rampaging Orcs. Would you believe that Yas had so many war machines (6!) that he even forgot to put his Doom Diver on the table at all! Yasutake kindly let him include it anyway, which was a great indicator of the relaxed atmosphere of the tournament. Lothern Seaguard proved too few in number to keep control of the watchtower, and the tower fell at last to the victorious Black Orcs. Well done Yas!


This is a closeup of the Lizardmen vs High Elves game between Chris and Yasutake. We're still not quite sure why either army was fighting over this little valley outside the besieged Stirland town of Hardenburg, but it made for a very pretty game. The elites of the High elf army, Swordmasters and Phoenix Guard, again proved too few in number to survive the storm of poisoned darts and belched fire. This was the moment just before the stegadon charged the high elf archers, sealing their doom. Victory to Chris's Lizardmen.


This closeup shows the scene near the end of Miyao and Abe's game in the jungles of Lustria. While the Treeman dug in his roots and held up one flank, those wily wood elves poured a rain of arrow into the slow units of ghouls on the other side of the pyramid. Although Abe had had trouble against Ross' marauding beastmen in his first game of the day, he'd obviously found the strengths of his army by the afternoon. Using his Treeman to block and refusing to be drawn into a fair fight was definitely the Wood Elf way!




Ross won on victory points, with Will a close second. Congratulations to both of you! Abe certainly looked surprised when he saw that despite winning only 1 of his 3 games, he'd come 3rd place due to two bonus votes for favourite game. Well done also to Yasutake, who also gained two votes for favourite game - I'm sure he'll kick all our asses next time!




Well, I had a great day, and I wasn't even playing! Thanks to all you guys for making the effort with your armies and making the event so much fun. If you have any suggestions or comments as to how to make our next tournament even better, please post your comments below! Any comments about what worked and what didn't work, the tables, games, scenarios, timing or points scoring - or anything else - would be much appreciated. See you next time!



Will   2011-05-04 (Wed) 18:28PM
Thank you so much David for making it a great day!
I think everyone had a wonderful time, and it was great to meet so many enthusiastic gamers!
I really am looking forward to any coming games,
Thank you!

Miyao   2011-05-05 (Thu) 20:12PM

Stephen   2011-05-06 (Fri) 9:32AM
Well done David. Looks excellent. It rained at my BBQ in Aso. All day . . . .

ABE   2011-05-07 (Sat) 22:24PM
初めての大会で不安でしたが、とても楽しめました。少しウッドエルフのルールが間違えていましたので次はもっと練習して行きますね。 対戦して下さったロスさん、ヤスさん
宮尾さんありがとうございました。  また、いろんな人と対戦したいです。

yas   2011-05-12 (Thu) 20:28PM

David   2011-05-12 (Thu) 20:29PM
Yasさん、ありがとう。時間の件ですが、1ゲームではそうでしたね。2と3ゲームでは完全終わったプレイヤーもいました。たぶん、仕方がないと思う - ポイントが下がったら小さすぎかもが、時間を延ばすと皆疲れると思う。今度のイベントでは、皆がもうちょっと(早いゲーム)の経験を持つと思うので、そんなに大きい問題にならないかもね。


Good points from Yas there. First he mentioned the timing, with some games only reaching the 4th turn. I don't think there's much we can do about that really - and I reckon that next time it will be less and less of a problem. Smaller point games will be less fun (?), and longer time limits will knacker people too much.

His second query was about the bonus points only being awarded to Japanese players. I think he's wondering if some people didn't understand the concept of awarding bonus points. Again, I don't think it was a big problem - out of the 3 foreign players, 2 finished at the top, and those games might not have been super fun for opponents anyway (having been squished). The bonus points were really available for many reasons, and a few people wrote their reasons for voting for such and such (bravery, play style etc) on their papers too, and I heartily agreed with them! :)

Anyone else have comments?

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