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High Elf Port Board : ハイエルフの港ボード PART 2

by David on 2013-05-25 (Sat) 11:17AM

<< High Elf Port Board : ハイエルフの港ボード PART 1

I found this great plastic Santa Maria ship kit in the local modelling shop, and at approximately 50cm in length it will be the perfect fit for the port board I'm planning. Plus the kit is at 1/60 scale, which is close enough to match the 1/50 scale of most Warhammer models. It has plenty of accessories, including a triangular-shaped rear sail (mizzenmast) which has already been earmarked for use on the planned High Elf sloop. Best of all, the kit itself comes in a light beige-coloured plastic, so painting such a large model should be simple enough...


1. I started by spraying all the kit pieces with a clear satin spray, to help the washes adhere later on.

2. Then I assembled the basics of the hull, and washed the entire model with a heavy Agrax Earthshade brown wash.
そして、船を組み立てました。1回目は「Agrax Earthshade」でウォッシュしました。

3. I had previously tested the colours on a piece of the scrap sprue, so I knew there was more washing to be done before it turned the rich wood colour I was looking for. So I opened up my second pot of Agrax Earthshade brown wash, and got to work.
まだ色はちょっと薄いですのでもう一度同じ「Agrax Earthshade」でウォッシュしました。

4. Now the ship was dark enough, but I wanted a warmer colour for the wood, so I washed the entire ship for a third time, this time with Reikland Flesh wash. This gave me the finished wooden ship below, which I now have to stripe somehow. I'm not certain what colours to do this in - maybe red and yellow for the exterior cross beams? Blue and green? Any suggestions?
最後に「Reikland Flesh」でウォッシュしました。以下のようになりました。どうですか?ただし、一色だけならちょっとつまらないと思うので、外側の補強を赤と黄色でペイントするかもしれません。みんなのおすすめ色を教えてください!

Since this was Warhammer and not real life, I reckoned the Santa Maria was not nearly an interesting enough name, so I stuck on a spare Dwarf Trollslayer as the masthead - I present to you the Empire ship "Bloody Slayer"!!

ウォーハンマー世界では「サンタマリア号」は合わないので、名前を変更しました。。。「The Bloody Slayer号」はどうですか?ドワーフSlayerのモデルを一番前に張って、形は完成だ!

Just as a reference, this is the Marienburg Landship model available from ForgeWorld. This one has been painted a little too cleanly for my tastes, so I'll be adding all sorts of rust and muck to my own ocean-going Bloody Slayer.

以下の写真はフォージワールド社のMarienburg Landshipです。大きさは半分だけだけどカッコいいでしょう?やはりモデルの詳しいディテールは大事ですよね。とりあえず、こんな感じで考えています。



I spotted these great wine carafes for 199 yen in Ikea the other day, and I thought that it might make an ideal start for the High Elf port's lighthouse. Since they were so damn cheap, I bought extra, in case I found a use for them on the main building too!



Finally for today, Miyao-san put me on to these High Elfy bridges, available from Thomarillion. I was planning something a little more organic for my port board, but the more I look at this one the more I like it. Plus I can simply buy three the same and save myself a whole lot of construction time. What do you think?


High Elf Port Board : ハイエルフの港ボード PART 3 >>

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hoshioka   2013-05-28 (Tue) 8:07AM

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