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Ringtail clubroom designs リングテイルのクラブルーム(イメージ)

by David & Miyao on 2010-09-01 (Wed) 10:26AM

Thanks for all of your ideas, guys! Loads of them made it into the final design, except (sadly) the "serving wench" one. Below you can see a couple of the CG design sketches we've been working on this week, for a planned build date of October. The first one is looking from the door, and shows the timber beams (including ceiling beam - thanks Ross), display shelves, leaded windows,wooden gaming tables, antlers and shields.
       The second image is from the other side of the room, and shows the two painting desks either side of the most awesome sink ever - a beer barrel! If we can get hold of a used wine barrel and insert a sink in the top, then we can cut doors into the lower half for storage. Won't that be cool? I know it's not what you meant by "beer barrel and tap", Chris, but it's pretty close, eh?
       You'll also be happy to hear that Miyao-san is planning on having Radio Rivendell playing through concealed speakers. We also have something cool (maybe) planned for the shelf space under the antlers, but we have to keep some surprises, right? As always, comments are very welcome...

あと、もっと面白いアイディアもありましたがそれはまだ「TOP SECRET」です。10月の工事が終わるまで、お楽しみに待ってね!


#3. Ringtail construction starts リングテイルの工事 >>



Stephen   2010-09-05 (Sun) 21:28PM
Awesome looking David. Will have to plan a field trip down there once its done.

Jean-Luc   2010-09-11 (Sat) 6:40AM
Nice work David. ON my sightseeing list for Japan.

David   2010-09-11 (Sat) 11:01AM
Cheers, Jean-Luc! Counting down the days now... we're gonna try putting it together in just one day (Oct 10th), so we're hunting around for the right bits. Found the barrel already!

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2010-09-06 (Mon) 9:35AM

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